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Our Trip to the Fair

Last night, when Lowell got off work, we went to the Washington County Fair. We spent most of our time seeing all the prize winning cows. Faith LOVES cows! Everytime we walked out of the cow area, Faith ran full speed back inside. We also showed her the horses, oxen, donkeys, piggys, goats, and chickens. Lowell was only able to snap a shot of her with a donkey…











After wandering around the animals, we headed over to the carnival area to see what kind of games and rides they had to offer for somebody Faith’s sizeand found a carasoul. She had lots of fun with that!


















During all this excitement, Felicity was hanging out in her stroller and keeping bundled up because it got real chilly as the sun was setting!












 It was nice to get out for a few hours and do something different. We all had so much fun! It is a definite toss up trying to decide what the best part was: Faith running away with the cows, or when she chased horses and their riders as we crossed paths!

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