*In a Nut Shell

How Do Their Minds Work, And Why?

Last week, I put a little diaper on one of Faith’s dollies. Yesterday, when I was changing Felicity, Faith decided that she was going to change her baby too. I finished changing the wet diaper, and looked down to see how Faith was managing with her baby. She had just finished untaping the diaper and was pulling it back then suddenly froze in her tracks. She looked up to me, made an awful face and said “Eeeeeeeew! Yuck!” I guess her baby left a big mess for her to clean up! It must have been real bad because she got up and ran away saying, “Eeew!” She must have a pretty graphic imagination considering she has never really seen a dirty diaper before!

Every single day, Faith walks into the kitchen, opens the tupperware cupboard, pulls out 3 bowls and 12 lids, closes the door, and walks away. WHY?

This one has blown me away the most! The other day, Faith walked into the living room from down the hall, walked straight up to an end table with a lamp on it, and started pulling out the cord from behind the table. Now, what I want to know is this: What in the world possessed her to walk in from down the hall, walk straight to THAT table, and pull out a cord that has been there as long as we have lived here? Did I mention that you can’t even see the cord sticking out it’s whole 2 inches before disappearing behind the table?

They say kids say the darndest things, and considering how their little minds work in such a silly way, I’m not surprised they do!


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