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Raymantha & Sammond

This weekend, Lowell’s brother, Ray, and his girlfriend, Samm, drove up from Virginia to hang out. They got to our house really late Friday, or would you say really early Saturday? They rented a fire engine red HHR and hit the road after getting off work on Friday evening. I have to mention all the details of the rental because Ray was just too stoked about the whole deal! On Saturday morning, we got up and hung around the house and played catch up with the latest in life. After lunch, we drove to Granville, which is about an hour from where we live, to the “Granville Apple Orchard” where we got to see and feed some goats, pick rasberries, get some fresh made apple cider and still warm apple cider donuts – yum! And, ofcourse, we got some super delicious honey crisp apples. When we were leaving we saw a “Smart Car” that I just had to take a picture of. That thing can fit in the bed of our pick up! And, before we loaded up for the drive home, Lowell had to toss Faith is the air. It wouldn’t be a complete trip without a thrill like that! That evening I made tacos for dinner and then we settled in for some college football and more chit chatting.

On Sunday we went to Mass at a new parish, St. Mary’s, in Ballston Spa. That was an experience worth sharing! About half way through the homily, Felicity exploded her diaper and it went EVERYWHERE! All over her, all over me, and when I stood up to take her out to change her, it spilled out all over our pew and the pew in front of us. I got outside, and it was raining! So, I had to run ALL the way to our truck, that was on the other side of the church, without any protection from Felicity’s blanket because it was full of “stinkies”. After the production of changing the diaper and clothes, and cleaning myself to the best of my abilities (all the while wondering why I don’t bring a change of clothes for ME when I pack some for Li’l F), I got back inside right at Consecration. Faith had crumbled and cried the whole time I was gone. She doesn’t do well with change or new places, so my running off was pretty overwhelming for her even though Lowell was there. We headed straight home after Mass so I could try to save the blankets, clothes, and baby doll that all ended up “oozed” on during the exploded diaper escapade! Later on, Samm, Faith, and I went to downtown Saratoga for Starbucks and $5.00 Footlongs that we brought home and ate with the guys. Then, it was time to say good bye. As it always is, it was very hard to say “So long” after such an exciting weekend. We really enjoyed their company and are looking forward to another visit sometime.






















a "Smart Car" I couldn't resist...It can fit in the bed of our pickup!


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