*In a Nut Shell

Apple Jacks

As I was cleaning the table tonight after dinner, I had this strange feeling something was going on. So, I stopped for a minute and listened to a disturbing silence in place of what should have been a whiney Faith because it was taking so long to get a bath started and a fussy Felicity wanting some more dinner. I walked around the corner from the kitchen into the diningroom to where I left Felicity in the swing and Faith was FEEDING HER APPLE JACKS!!!!!!!!!!  I rushed over and yanked the Apple Jack that was almost in Felicity’s mouth and told Faith that Felicity is too little to eat food so she absolutly can not feed her food, EVER. Then, I started checking Felicity out. She seemed okay, so I thought, “Great! No harm done, I got here just in time.” As I was thinking this I realized Felicity was slobbering up a storm and lickin’ her tongue around and I freaked out. “Faith?! Did you feed her one?!??!” I turned the swing off, pulled the baby out, put my pinky finger in her mouth and discovered an [almost melted away] Apple Jack on the roof of her mouth! Oh my gosh… I pulled it out leaving Felicity a little bummed that there was no yummy treat left to suck on and just looked at Faith and said “What in the world were you thinking?!” She just laughed at the funniest joke ever told and ran away. God bless my little girls, and thank you for protecting them!


2 thoughts on “Apple Jacks

  1. That is such a funny story! Faith is going to take care of that baby sister and make sure she gets the finest things in life…like apple jacks! HaHa! I bet that was a real treat compared to her usual milk!


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