Autumn, Life, and Friendship

This weekend, Lowell’s cousin, and my best friend, Clare, came up from where she is working/living in South Bronx. We spent lots of time talking about this and that, and playing with the babies. Faith especially loved playing and spending time with Clare, calling her “Momma” the whole time. I figured she must have called her Momma because Clare is Faith’s godmother. There was no confusion on who was who because she calls me “Mommy”. On the way home from dropping Clare off at the bus station, I started to really look around at the beautiful changing leaves, paid attention to the smell of the crisp air blowing in through the rolled down window, and couldn’t help but think about all the wonderful people people in my life: My amazing husband and our daughters, our incredible families, and all the wonderful friends we have made over the years that we love so much.

For some reason, I thought alot about how even though the seasons change and bring a new light to our surrounding outside, the “season changes” of our lives are kind of the same. As individuals, we are all growing more and more every day trying to be closer to God and our Heavenly goal though it is hard to stay focused at times. We make changes in our lifestyle when it is necessary, but we always appear the same, kind of like the trees during their change during autumn. The trees leaves turn from green to yellow, orange, red, and even golden only to finally fall from the tree leaving it bare, yet it is the same tree and it remains upright, pointing to Heaven reminding us to not give up during the bitter coldness of life because spring will soon be here.

I also thought about each persons life from conception to death is much like a tree, in a similar metaphore to the one above. We grow each day toward Heaven by living Christlike lives trying to get to Heaven starting as a small embryo in our mother’s womb, much like a tree starting from a tiny seed, grows a little taller each day trying to ‘get to’ Heaven. We do our best to do God’s will, to see Him in all that we do and in all the people we meet, we give Him our prayers, works, joys, sufferings, thoughts, and desires, we extend our hands to our neighbor and share God, even if it only by example, much like a tree extends its branches giving wind and shade to the weary worker who then follows the length of the tree up with his eyes until those eyes reach Heaven. And, then we grow old. Our skin wrinkles, our hair grays and for some falls out, we get sick and become more fragile, but we are still God’s children and we are still growing and sharing, inching toward Heaven with all we can muster up. Much like a tree whose leaves begin to turn from green to yellow, orange, red, and golden, and eventually fall to the ground leaving only the trunk and its bare branches but still trying to reach Heaven.

I don’t know, I just thought it was really interesting to think about, and kind of weird comparing humanity to a tree! HaHa! I am definitely not atheist and looking to come back as a ficus or something ;) But, being with Clare this weekend, I realized all over again how much I appreciate the beauty and blessing of our friendship and ALL my friendships. Even though, like the trees, we are always changing and growing, we are still all trying to get to Heaven. So, I offered a prayer of thanksgiving to God not only for the beauty surrounding me in this beautiful autumn season, but for blessing us with YOU, the people we look up to with so much love and respect. Thank you for being the outstanding persons you are in our life, helping us stay focused on living our life as Christ lived His, and striving for sainthood and eternity in the Heavenly Kingdom of God!






2 thoughts on “Autumn, Life, and Friendship

  1. That was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! We love and miss you and I think your metaphors will help me keep a new perspective to grow and be beautiful whether I’m beautifully in blossom or bare in humility.


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