*In a Nut Shell


Since it’s been a little while since I last wrote, I thought I would do some catching up on the few things we’ve been up to.

On the 23rd, I celebrated my Golden Birthday! Lowell woke me up with a great big kiss and was just as sweet as can be the whole day. He made me a delicious breakfast and coffee *yum!*, then headed out to pick up a brand new [to us] couch I found on craigslist the night before. When he got back, we loaded up and he took me into town where I was treated to a massage and mini-facial! Wow! It was so incredible to be pampered like that, I almost felt guilty about it :) Afterwards, I got a “Roma Foods” fresh Italian sandwhich. Roma is a little import restaurant and shop here in town. Because lunch was so late, we didn’t do much for dinner. At around 8:30, Lowell decided he wanted pizza. So, we called good ol’ Pizza Hut and ordered a large, stuffed crust, supreme pizza! It was so incredibly delicious, totally hit the spot. It was such a great birthday. I felt like a queen the whole day between calls, cards, and best wishes written all over my facebook wall from my family and friends, I couldn’t have asked for a more incredible day! As I went to sleep, I tried counting ALL my blessings from the day and the past year, but there were just so many. God has truly blessed me with much more than I deserve!


On Friday, the 24th, we took the girls to a local pumpkin patch! We didn’t get a pumpkin, but we had way too  much fun walking around looking at the various little things they had to offer. We got there kind of late in the day, so we weren’t able to take advantage of the hay ride or trip around the lot on the train they have. Maybe we’ll make it back this week for that? Anyway, we got to walk around, Faith ofcourse ran, and looked at the pumpkins, read all their signs called “Pumpkin Facts”, and their little sayings written on the different tombstones, and took some pictures with their different cut out thingys. HaHa! What are those things called where there is a scene on a piece of plywood but there are circles cut out of them so kids can stick their heads in to take pictures? It escapes me now, but they had lots of those that we took some pictures of. They also had a corn maze and a “Hay Mountain.” We did not partake in the Hay Mountain climbing! It was getting close to dark and was quite chilly, so we decided to pack it up and head for the truck. When I say WE, I am referring to Lowell, Felicity, and me. Faith had a whole different plan that did not include going home!! That girl RAN AWAY from me as fast as her little legs could take her when she realized that we were headed for the truck. Lowell continued on to the truck with Felicity, but I chased after “mind-of-her-own”. When I caught up to her, I scoped her up and she started pushing me, screaming, kicking her legs… yeah, it was bad! You would have thought I was trying to kidnap her! Maybe in her mind I was kidnapping her from her new pumpkin family? She was so devastated, defeated, betrayed… I had to take a picture of the moment because I want to show her when she’s older just how much she loved the pumpkin patch and hated me for making her leave it! She eventually got over her devastation when we made it to a little mom & pop restaurant called “Shirley’s” for dinner. It’s amazing what a powerful thing food can be when it comes to grumpy kids!









On the 25th, our neighbor, Andrea, went into labor with their second baby. Their first is a little girl named Alyssa and she is 5 days older than Faith. Anyway, a few weeks ago I told Andrea to let me know if she needed anything and that I was going to make them a meal when the baby came. She seemed very grateful and told me she would let me know. Well! It was time and they needed a ‘sitter, so her husband, Larry, brought Alyssa over while they went to the hospital to have the baby. Faith and Alyssa had so much fun together! They chased each other through the house, read books, ate lunch, watched Elmo and Nemo, climbed on the little kiddie table, and climbed all over our treadmil too! It was so fun to watch them play together and so good for Faith to have a pal. Alyssa is really smart. She can say alot of words and in some ways is much more mature than Faith. So, I was really happy to have her here so she could encourage Faith to start using words too. I think Faith’s problem is that she wants to master the word PERFECTLY before she’ll say it. Anyway, a few hours after Alyssa got here, Larry called to tell me that their new baby was here! They welcomed Ava Lynn to the world at 2:42 p.m. and she weighed in at 7 pounds and 12 ounces. I haven’t seen her yet, but I can’t wait! I just love new babies!! So, Tuesday, I will bring them some dinner and get a chance to meet the Meyers’ new bundle of joy and maybe get a chance for Faith to play with Alyssa for a little bit too :)



2 thoughts on ““Ketchup!”

  1. Ohhh, I love to eat, and so loved your references to Roma’s (went there nearly every day when I was working) and Shirley’s (my grandfather loved that place!!!) … and Pizza Hut! I get made fun of all the time by my hubs for loving Pizza Hut (Pope’s, near Roma’s, is apparently the only legit place according to him, and I do like it … but Pizza Hut! Sometimes you can’t beat it!). I love your birthday story too! What a honey of a hubby you have! And Faith’s sad/mad face! So cute!


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