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Mommy’s Big Little Helper

I think I have mentioned to most of you how Faith is a big help around the house, when she feels like it that is, and it started back when I was pregnant and just wasn’t able to get to certain things. When I was prego, she would help me pull the clean laundry out of the dryer, hand me random things I dropped on the floor, and she even helped me out by handing me each piece of silverware saying “Here!” when I unloaded the dishwasher. Those things have carried over to post pregnancy and she’s actually added to her list of helpful duties. Now, she is very good about throwing diapers away, or anything that needs to go in the garbage, she’s the girl for the job! And, she is very helpful when it comes to sorting the laundry prior to washing, and, finally, she is so great about loading dirty silverware in the dishwasher when I am loading it.

I have noticed recently, though, that she might be a little TOO HELPFUL around here. For instance, I went to throw a load of lights in yesterday and found that not only did I have lights in my laundry basket, but 2 pairs of shoes and a slipper too! And, last week, she sat down and ate a bowl of Mac ‘n Cheese, all by herself mind you, and put her things in the sink when she finished…so I thought. Later that night, I went to get a spoon from the drawer to stir my tea, and there was Faith’s dirty Mac n’ Cheese fork! Speaking of fork in the drawer, she has also taken it upon herself to unload the silverware now even though I am not with her unloading. One afternoon, while both girls were napping, I hopped in the shower and did some house work. I made my way to the kitchen to do the dishes stacked up from breakfast and lunch, but remembered I needed to unload first. So, I opened the dishwasher to find there was NO SILVERWARE! Where did it go? I thought immediately of Faith and wondered where she stowed it all and how she got it past me. I looked in her toy box, under the couch cushions, in Felicity’s carseat and swing; it was nowhere! Finally, absent mindedly, I opened the silverware drawer and there was all my clean utensils! (She can’t quite see in the drawer, so she just chucks it all in there for me to organize accordingly.) At some point in the morning, she unloaded the silverware for me!!! And, tonight, I was doing general pick up before I go to bed like I do every night because I hate waking up to messiness. I like just a few minutes of cleanliness in the morning with my coffee before laundry, dishes, toys, etc. make their way through my house. Anyway, I tidied up the living room, made my way to the dining room and found a Capri Sun box, empty. (I keep a box of Capri Sun on hand incase my blood sugar goes low and I need a quick remedy.) Earlier in the evening, Faith brought me one and asked if she could have it, so I poked the straw in and let her have some. But, that was ONE, where were all the others? Once again, I started searching for them, everywhere, and was completely unsuccessful until I noticed some foily lookin’ thing in the trash can as I went to throw the box away. I dug my hand in there and found myself not one, not two, but SIX brand new Capri Sun that Faith decided were no good (I’m assuming) because none of them had straws! So, being the smart girl she is, she saw that there was no way to drink these without a straw, so pitched them in the trash to save me the trouble. Wasn’t that just the sweetest?? HAHAHAHA! What in the world am I going to do with my big little helper?


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