*In a Nut Shell

She scoots…She ROLLS!

That’s right! Felicity is rolling over now :) And, she can also scoot! So she cannot be left unattended in any high places and we have to keep those hard toys out of her way, otherwise she will scoot right into them! She will be 4 months on Friday and I can’t help but wonder where those four months have gone. She has the most beautiful blue eyes, is quite the conversationalist, and weighs about 14 pounds. She knows who we all are and has discovered what great chew toys her little hands can be! And, today she discovered some buttons on my shirt but couldn’t quite figure out how to get to them making her VERY upset! She then had to just settle on her thumb as that’s been her favorite thing to suck on for about 2 months now. I took a picture of her … sorry about the red eye! Her eyes are just so blue that there is no escaping the red eye problem.


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