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Page Changes

You may have noticed our page has been undergoing a case of “Identity Crisis”! I was having a hard time finding a theme and lay out I liked best, not to mention all the extra goodies that are able to be tacked on for your navigating pleasure. But! I think I finally have settled on a winner. I hope you find it easy to get around our blog. If you find yourself on one of our other pages, just click on “The Lowell Schaper’s” at the top and it will bring you right back to our Home Page. Speaking of pages, yes, plural, I added a new one. I decided that I am going to share my weekly menu and if you are interested in knowing more about any particular meal, or would like a recipe, please let me know! It is quite basic, but I am always looking for new meal ideas so I know some of you out there must feel the same way, and what better way to get new ideas than seeing someone elses?

Happy clicking, folks! We are so glad that you take the time to visit our little site and hope very much that you enjoy it while you’re here.


One thought on “Page Changes

  1. How many weeks do you plan at a time? I’m seeing 1+ on this menu. Is that just because of when you posted? Or do you only do a week at a time. Also, what is a super burrito? Sounds yum.


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