*In a Nut Shell

Schaper Pioneers

Last night, Felicity did what she does best and blew out her diaper, right at dinner time. So, I pulled off her jammies, changed her diaper, and went to do a load of colors so that I could save her jammies before they were ruined. I turned on the washer, put the soap in, and went to our room where I keep the laundry baskets full of dirty clothes for an armful of clothes. Walked back to the washer, tossed the clothes in and went back for the last armful of things. When I cam back, and tossed the last handful in, I realized I was being soaked through my socks. My washer had sprung a leak somewhere!!! I couldn’t figure out where the problem was because water was making its way into the tank, but it was still spilling out from behind or underneath and getting EVERYWHERE. I quickly shut off the water and stared in disbelief wondering what in the world I was supposed to do next. Felicity by now was crying, Lowell was at work, dinner and dishes were everywhere, and Faith was having fun soaking up her socks in the soggy carpet. Not to mention my washer was half filled with water and soapy clothes! I’ll be honest and say I had to just walk away from it for a minute to process my next step and feed the wailing child. So, while I nursed Felicity, I decided that I needed to soak up the water from the carpet with towels, get the laundry out of the washer and put it…where was I going to put it?! The bathtub, okay, put the clothes in the tub. Then I started thinking about the dinner mess and what I was to do with the water sitting IN the washer once I pulled the clothes out. At some point, Lowell happened to call home to say hi and I told him what was going on. He tried to see if his supervisor would let him off to come home and help, but after his recent 4-day weekend and the emergency leave he took for Grandpa’s funeral, that was a no-go. I also called housing to see if there was something they could do, but a busted washer was not classified as emergency enough to send a guy out. So, I finished with Felicity and put her to bed then set myself to work on my disaster. First, I pulled all my clothes out of the washer and tossed them in the tub with some warm water. Next, I pulled out all the stuff in my laundry room/closet that was flooded in the leakage. Then, I got about 8 of my towels and soaked up all the water on the floor and rung them in the washer as I went, and then used them to soak up the water that got under the carpet. After I got up as much water as I could, I got Faith’s noisy fan and turned it on on the floor to help dry the carpet out. Then, it was time to be a pioneer: wash my clothes out in the bath tub. So, I spent 30 minutes washing, rinsing, and ringing out an entire LARGE load of laundry and tossed them damp clothes into an empty basket. The entire time I was doing this, Faith was “helping” and was almost as wet as the clothes when all was said and done. Meanwhile, I was thinking about the times when I would watch Little House on the Prairie and occassionally I would think about how sad it was that everybody only had like one skirt and two shirts they wore, and that one really nice dress they had for church or special occassions. But, now I understood WHY they only had that small amount of clothing: it was too much work for their “Ma” to not only make and bake their meals from scratch, garden, can fruits ‘n veggies, and sew, but to wash multiple pairs of clothes too? What a chore! When I finished with that, I changed Faith, cleaned up my kitchen, and sat on the couch still wondering what to do about the washer full of water. Forget it. I was not going to do anything about the washer full of water. HaHa! Anyway, this morning, Lowell checked it all out, ran water, drained water, ran more water, and guess what? NO LEAKAGE!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Did I imagine all this? The carpet is still a little wet, but not awful, I did a good job with those towels. Maintenance came by and vacuumed some water up and helped Lowell with the washer. They decided that maybe the tank was off-balance so water was able to get inside the washer and leak out too. Now, I need to wait for it to get a but more dry in there so I can run my load again and get those clothes to the dryer. I better do it while Lowell is still home incase it happens again! Wow! What a night…


3 thoughts on “Schaper Pioneers

  1. Oh, Joanna I’ve had those things happen too. Right now, we are down to one toilet, two leaking sinks and no dryer. Oh, and the thermostat on the oven doesn’t work so things get burned to a crisp. That’s life in the big city!! You will look back someday and laugh. I know, just not now. Maybe you could get a kind neighbor to let you borrow their washer for a day. Best of luck!


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