*In a Nut Shell

Faith and Baby News

We have a children’s encyclopedia called “My Very First Encyclopedia with Whinnie the Pooh and Friends” all about the animals. It is Faith’s number one FAV book because she has an obsession with animals. So, about a hundred times a day, she walks over to me with her book in tow, so we can sit down and talk about each animal as we turn the pages. So, we talk about the cat, the chicken, the dog, the pig, the elephant, the seal, the squirrel, the zebra, the giraffe, etc. Ofcourse, she thinks the zebra is a horse and the giraffe a cow ;) Anyway, every single time we turn to the page with the orangutan she points to it and says, “Daddy!” HaHaHa! I died laughing when she did it the first time and so did Lowell when he finally heard her do it. But, what neither of us can figure out is where she came up with it? I never said anything to her like that, and Lowell didn’t, so what went through her brain that said this picture of an orangutan is “Daddy!”

Today, Lowell was running errands and Felicity was down napping, so it was just Faith and me hangin’ out. She was playing with her dollies and breezin’ back and forth between a coloring book and a puzzle, mumbling to herself about whatever and asking me questions on occassion too. Well, something caught her attention when she was in the middle of digging in her toybox and real excited she says, “Oh! dom!” and scooped whatever it was up and went about her business. I laughed so hard, but not nearly as hard as Daddy did when I informed him while we ate dinner that he can’t use “damn” as an “oh cool!” type thing around Fatih ever (not that he usually cusses, but sometimes it slips when he watches an exciting football game) and when I explained why he just exploded and turned super red in laughter!

And, completely not Faith related, my “wife” Megan and her husband, Stephen, welcomed their first baby this morning at 7:05. They had a little girl, 8 pounds even, and named her Ava. A middle name still hasn’t been decided on. Both mom and baby are doing fab! This means I am an auntie again, the only thing to prove otherwise will be a blood test. I just had to announce because I am so proud of Megan, and Stephen too. We met them last year when we were all stationed in South Carolina, but they got stationed in San Diego and we were stationed in New York after all their schooling. Right after they moved to San Diego, Stephen was sent off to meet up with the Ronald Reagan, the carrier he is stationed on, that had deployed a few weeks before they moved to So Cal. So, Megan spent from June 6th until November 17 without her hubby, pregnant, and in a new place she had to figure out on her own. It became a joke at some point in time that we are each other’s wives because we are always talking, texting, emailing… yeah, it’s an obsession :) We spent many long hours on the phone during Stephen’s deployment just making the bond even tighter between laughter, some tears, new accomplishments, and just being each others support system because we are basically living the same life in the Navy. I told her that she is my hero because I would have gone crazy being in an unfamiliar place with no friends or family near by. Counting down the time until Stephen touched down in San Diego to be reunited with Megan, I was going crazy! I hadn’t been that excited since I was on my way to pick Lowell up from the airport after not seeing him for 2 months while he was in basic training. I was so happy and SO PROUD that she made it through that time and that she was able to keep that baby inside because she was due on the 18th and walked around dialated at 2 for along time! But, little Ava waited so she could meet her Daddy right as she came into the world, and I think she knew it would mean alot to her Mommy to have him there at that moment too. We are so blessed to have Stephen, Megan, and now Ava in our life and look forward to many years of learning from each other and growing together in our goal to reach Heaven. We love you, Perry’s!


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