*In a Nut Shell


Faith just discovered her shadow and is currently playing a game of “Catch me if you can!” with it!!!! Aren’t little kids the greatest??? She is also trying to grasp the concept of making little shapes with her hands, HaHa! I so love this whole being a Mommy thing and watching my kids learn new stuff and make new discoveries :) Felicity just learned how to reach for, grab, and bring toys to her mouth to chew on. She is full on rolling over stomach to back, and has just about mastered the art of rolling from back to stomach. She is scootin’ too! She can get herself up on her knees and rock, but is still doing the tummy crawl for getting around.


2 thoughts on “Shadow

  1. Ok, James has just about mastered the back to front thing but is so fixated on watching his siblings play that not much else really matters. He does this really fast kicking his legs and waving arms thing which the kids love and they encourage him by saying,” Go Bubby, go”. Such a happy little boy.


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