*Holiday Stories

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our little family’s Thanksgiving celebration began on Wednesday evening at 10:22 when Clare’s bus arrived at the Saratoga Springs station and she hopped off to spend 5 whole days with us! Once I got her back to the house, we settled in to some little bits of catching up and random chit-chat. On Thursday morning I had every intention of getting up and starting our day with Mass, but that didn’t work out as we all slept too late. So, we enjoyed a quiet morning with a delicious breakfast feast that Lowell prepared and more talking, laughing, and playing with babies. Around 11:00 I set to work on getting my turkey all scrubbed, stuffed, and seasoned. I made home made stuffing that filled the whole house until the turkey was in the oven long enough to take over as the day’s air freshener. The turkey roasted all day in the oven, we pulled it out at 4:45. I made mashed potatoes and gravey, green bean cassarole, crescent rolls, and I also served what of the stuffing I didn’t put in the bird. Everything turned out SO wonderful – if I do say so myself. I prayed the whole day, asking the Blessed Mother to help me prepare a delicious meal and She did. Clare helped me clean up the kitchen, Lowell ended up in a turkey coma on the couch during the Cowboys game, and we just hung tight the rest of the evening more playing with the girls, watched a movie on TV, and WAY later, at 9:00, we ate some pumpkin and applie pie to the best of our already-being-stuffed abilities. We closed our night out with a rosary offered in thanksgiving for all of God’s wonderful and gracious blessings in our lives.

Today, we are going to our friends, the Law’s, house to hang out with them. Lowell and Justin work together and we all met at a “pig out” in May. We hit it off instantly when we found out they were pregnant with their sixth baby, due around the same time I was with Felicity, and when we found out that we are all open to life and as many babies God sends our way. So, whenever the time allows, we enjoy our time spent with Justin, Brandi, their 6 beautiful children, and Justin’s sister, Jessica, who also lives with them.

As for the rest of the weekend? I am not sure! Probably more laughing and playing with the girls, maybe some cards… One thing is for sure, though, we will continue in the spirit of Thanksgiving, enjoying and praising God for His goodness in our life. We hope you had a truly wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving Day too!


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