*In a Nut Shell

What’s new?

We have been busy doing lots of little things. We got Clare off to the Bronx on Sunday afternoon, it was hard to say “Good-bye” after a long, fun filled weekend with her. On Monday, my dryer died. HaHa! It seems that the laundry gods have been against me! So, I watched, painfully, each day this week as my dirty clothes pile grew and grew. But, we found a washer/dryer set on the beloved craigslist website and Lowell picked them up and installed them last night, so I’ve been doing LOADS of laundry, pun totally intended ;) Last night, we went bowling with a handful of people that Lowell works with. I met his supervisor, Todd “Hatch” and his wife, Sammy, and their 8 month old, Emma. I also saw a few other people that I’ve met in the past, but they were all pretty much headed out by the time we got to the alley. I couldn’t help but think about it at one point that there we were, the ones with babies, still out having a good ol’ time, while all the others without kids had to go. Maybe kids makes you more invincable? I didn’t bowl this time because I was worried I might hurt my back, but I had so much fun watching everybody and laughing right along with them.

Faith has had a bit of a cold the past few days, so she really hasn’t said or done anything funny or note-worthy. She did, however, finally learn how to say “peeeee” for “please” instead of the simple “puh” sound she has been making before this monumental moment! Such a small step, but a huge accomplishment for us because we have been working a long time to get her to say “please” and we are getting closer with the now “peeeee” ;)

Felicity is rolling around everywhere. Still kind of scooting more than crawling, but she is up on those knees rockin’ around quite a bit. She is going to be 5 months on Sunday – wow! She is eating solids now, has been for a little over a week. She eats a bowl of rice cereal with mixed fruit 2-3 times a day in addition to all her normal nursings. She has thickened up, but I don’t think she’s put on enough weight to catch her up to the three boys, that were all born around the same time she was, who all weigh 17-18 pounds – and that’s all Mama! So, I decided I must have fat-free breastmilk. Sorry kids! ;)

We are going to get our tree this weekend, on Saturday actually, the 6th which is the feast of St. Nicholas. I am excited to get it because Faith is going to be way more into it this year, but I know that it won’t be until NEXT year that this Holy Season will hold all it’s magic for her. Felicity will probably be dazzled by the lights, she has an eye for things that glitter ;) We aren’t going to go all out with decorating this year, though, because we finally got a bigger house and are moving up the street on the 31st. So, we want to keep it fairly simple so that we don’t have so much putting away of lights and ornaments in addition to our normal knick-knacks we already have to tackle.

I will keep you posted on all of that as Christmas and moving get closer, and I am sure there will be plenty to tell ;) Happy and fruitful Advent to you all. I love this time of year!


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