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St. Nicholas: the Christmas tree day

At our house anyway. It became a tradition with my family to get our tree each year on St. Nicholas’ feast day, or the Saturday closest to it, and I carried the tradition into our marriage for our little family to do too.

We got up and mozied about the house, taking our time getting the day started this morning. We got all ready, ate lunch, bundled the girls and headed up the street to the Pumpkin Patch place gone Christmas Tree Farm. You remember my blog about the Pumpkin Patch, right? We got there and Faith hit the ground running. We told her to go find a tree and she did her best to accomplish just that. She ran up and down a few rows, tried hiding inbetween some, and finally picked one she liked. I might have helped a little bit ;) At one point, she wandered far enough inbetween trees that she couldn’t see us, but she spotted the huge, blow-up Grinch they had and ran full speed to me, grabbed my leg, pointed to it and cried some very distraught words. I took her hand and walked her over to it though and showed her it was no big deal. During all of this, Felicity hung out with Daddy, all bundled up in her jumper the Law’s gave us and a beanie. When we went inside the little building they have on the property to buy the tree, Faith met the family cat, Fluffy. Naturally, Faith fell quite in love with Fluffy, and it appeared Fluffy fell in love with us too. When we went to leave, Fluffy followed us out the door and to our truck. One of the employees, who I believe was also part of the family who runs the place, came by and scooped Fluffy up and said that she most likely would have tried to stow away IN the car with us than hide UNDER it and get run over. Silly kitty! It seemed pretty routine for him to have to do this, so I guess Fluffy loves everybody, not just us!

When we got home, we left the tree in the back of the truck and brought the girls in to put them down for naps. While they were down, Lowell brought the tree in and I helped him put the stand and lights on it. While he watched the Navy-Army game, I put up alot of our ornaments, but not all as our tree is smaller than last year’s and we are moving soon after Christmas, so I kept it basic. After all the decorating and putting away of boxes, I heard Faith making noises so sent Lowell to get her. While he was doing that, I grabbed the camera to take a picture of her face when she came out and saw this tree in our house – what a priceless picture it WOULD HAVE been… She stopped right as she rounded the corner in the hall where it was quite dark and far away from where I was standing. But, her face was so adorable! She recovered quickly though and ran straight to my leg, grabbed it, and giggled uncontrolably for atleast a minute. Then, she slowly made her way over to it, taking it all in. Touching, feeling, poking, talking about it all. Oh! It was so cute! Then, a little while later, she was distracted doing one thing or another while Lowell was hanging our stockings, but when she came back and saw them hanging on the wall, she stopped and pointed, saying, “OOooooooooooooooooooooooooh!” She definitely hasn’t been able to get enough of the tree since all of this happened 5 hours ago. I have had to put 10 ornaments back on the tree, re-stuff wiring and lights back inside, I have put our tiny Nativity scene back on the table 3 or 4 times, and Lowell has shooed her hand away from the stocking a number of times as well. And, Felicity? Well, she doesn’t seem to care too much. Once we turn all the lights off and really sit and enjoy the colorful tree in all it’s glory, I am sure she will pay it some attention :) 

picking out a tree








The Pink Bundle

Giggling over tree








Faith, meet the tree, Tree, meet Faith


3 thoughts on “St. Nicholas: the Christmas tree day

  1. I LOVE reading your blog too!! I hope to have something like this when we have babies. :) Your kids can read these when they are older…its such a good way to preserve memories! Love you guys and miss you terribly!!


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