*Our Travels

Hangin’ Out in Virginia

On Thursday afternoon, we headed out, roadtrippin, to Virginia for the long weekend. I have been anxious to come down and just hang out without having anything to rush out and do while we were visitng. So, we left Thursday, Lowell got off a little early, and started driving down before a massive snow storm hit. Ofcourse, it was pretty much on top of us as we left, but atleast we left before it had a chance to get so bad we wouldn’t be able to make the drive at all. So, we loaded up our tiny Nissan onto a trailer and the trailer on to the Chevy, got the girls settled in, and then hit the road. (we bought a little Nissan pick up over the summer for Lowell, but we don’t need it now that we have the minivan, so we gave it to his family because they could use it with the girls are getting permits and licesnses). The roads were really slippery leaving Saratoga as the plows still hadn’t touched the roads, but the freeway wasn’t as bad. Once we got south of Albany, the snow turned to rain, lots and lots of pouring rain, and it did not stop pouring rain until we made it to D.C.  8 1/2 hours later!!! Incredible… The girls were pretty good for the drive and were more than happy to be set free from their carseats when we arrived safe and sound at Lowell’s family’s house around midnight. When we got inside, the girls were passed around and talked to, smiling and laughing after Faith performed each of her new “tricks” and Felicity flashed her gummy smiles, played with, the whole nine yards, everybody soaking everything in. After some visiting and relaxing a bit from being in the car, we went to bed around 1:30.

Later Friday, when we all woke up, we just mozied around. Lowell returned the car trailer to U-haul, and took Cy around town and ended up getting him a few early Christmas presents that they have been enjoying on the Playstation ever since ;) I went to the market and got all I needed to make chicken enchiladas, beans, and Spanish rice for a celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe . That evening, after dinner, the Gallaher’s came over to hang out. It was so good to see them! Uncle Joe and Aunt Roxane are some of my most favorite people, and the kids are just awesome ofcourse, too. Stephen had fun playing with Faith and all the other kids ran around doing kid things, the teenagers ended up on the computer or hanging out in Ruth’s room in the basement, and the rest of us “adults” hung out in the living rooms and/or kitchen chatting up a storm about just about everything. It was another late night, but worth every minute of it!

Saturday, Cyril made his first confession! Congratulations, Cy! Then, to celebrate the joyous occassion, we all went to UNO’s for dinner. Ray got to come with us because he had Saturday off of work and had spent Friday night with us at the house. After we got back to the house, though, he had to pack his things and say his good-bye’s because he had to get up and be to work by 5 this morning.

Today, we are just hanging out. Lots of people have dropped like flies into little afternoon siestas, Lowell and Cy and playing video games, and I am here sharing blurps of our trip! A little later, there is going to be a “Domonique Christmas” because she is going back to New York with us to help out with our moving, she is going to give the fam her gifts and then she gets to open one of her own from the fam, but we’ll take the rest with us that she will open on Christmas with us. We leave tomorrow morning and are praying for good weather and safe travels. Please say a little prayer too if you read this before Monday evening.

More to say, no doubt, about our trip back and anything else that goes on during the rest of our stay…


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