*Our Travels

Road Trippin’

We made it home from Virginia all safe and sound! Thanks to everyone who said a prayer for our safe travels :)

After my little post on Sunday afternoon, we did have a little Christmas with the family and Dom, and Faith and Felicity got presents too. It turned a little emotional at the very end when Dom opened her gift from Grace, an iPod Shuffle, but it was so sweet and very meaningful all the gifts that were passed around. Being there with everybody really made me appreciate all the more how much I love family! I told Lowell on Monday morning that I believe God planned to have his family move to Virginia because we were going to be stationed on the east coast and God knew that I would have lost my mind without some sort of family to see every now and again. The whole weekend was just so great with lots of talking and laughing, I loved every second of it and am so grateful to God for blessing me with another incredible family!!

Monday we headed out around 10:30. The whole trip took about 10 hours, but that included a 45 minute stop and stretch we took half way through. It seemed to go much quicker than our trip down, but I suppose that might have to do with the fact that we did most of our driving in the daylight. We had perfect weather up until we were about 40 minutes south of Albany where it started to rain off and on the rest of the way home. We got home to find LOTS of snow from what appeared to be a pretty great storm that we just so happened to miss … darn! ;)

Today, Lowell went back to work, and we got ourselves pretty much back into our usual routine. It is already a big deal and tremendous help having Domonique around. She and I took the girls to Walmart for groceries (I updated my Menu, be sure to check it out!) and it went pretty smooth! I am still such a wimp about taking Faith and Felicity out by myself because Faith just isn’t obedient enough for me to manage with a baby all alone. Soon, though, I am confident she will get over her issues and begin to be a better behaved little girl. 

This week we will do some Christmas shopping and baking. I still need to get Lowell a few things; I know what I want to get him, I just have to search it out. And, there is something about this time of year that draws one to the kitchen! I am going to snoop through the cookbooks and see what I can’t come up with – yum, yum!


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