*In a Nut Shell


Everytime Faith finds or sees something that excites her, she says, “Ta-daaaaaaa!”

In search of her sippy cup, she finds it and says, “Ta-daaaaaa!”

Looking around the house for her blanket, she spots it, laughs, and says, “Ta-daaaaaa!”

She takes a big bite of her sandwhich, claps her hands and says, “Ta-daaaaa!”

This all started just as we were getting close to Lowell’s fam’s house last Thursday night on our trip down there, looking out the window and “ta-da-ing” about the strangest things. When we finally got to the house and were hanging out, Faith got her hands on Papaw’s Blackberry and when he pulled up the little jewel game on the screen, she looked at it and exclaimed, “Ta-daaaaaa!” and everybody laughed hysterically. Pretty much at that moment Faith fully grasped the concept of doing silly things to make people laugh and has been at it ever since with her “Ta-daaaaa’s” and other little antics.

So, with all this “ta-da-ing” going on, Domonique and I are both saying it too, and about EVERYTHING! Today, I was having a hard time getting the computer to get going and when it finally did, I said, “Ta-daaaaaa!”

The night before we left for Virginia, we watched Home Alone on TV. Faith got to stay up for most of it and saw the parts where Kevin puts his hands on his cheeks and screams, “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!” and the part where he meets the scary neighbor man outside, screams, runs in the house, up the stairs and into the camera, waves his arms in the air still screaming, “Aaahhh!” Well, Faith likes to play Home Alone now. She puts her hands on her cheeks and screams, or she runs around, waving her arms screaming…”Aaahhhh!” I feel like I am always telling her, “No, Faith, we are not playing Home Alone in the house.” Good grief! What kids will absorb and repeat is astonishing sometimes – HAHA! :)


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