*In a Nut Shell

Sour Kraut

We had a big meal of meat, potatoes, green beans, and sour kraut for dinner last night. It turned out really delish! Faith wouldn’t have anything to do with more than one bite of each item of food, but I expected that with it all having sour kraut juices soaked into it, I’m sure she found it quite “sour”. Felicity, on the other hand, now that is a WHOLE different story. She loved the kraut!

Domonique started out with just dipping her finger in the juice and letting Felicity taste it, but that wasn’t enough! As soon as she sucked it all up, she would cry and get mad that it was all gone. Then, at one point, Felicity just grabbed the bowl and started biting down and sucking on it for more of that yummy kraut!!! It was the funniest thing watching my little 5 month old baby not being able to get enough of sour kraut of all things! And, each time she would suck up the juice in one spot, she would scream and cry until we moved the bowl to a new spot with more juice!

This isn’t her first “solids” adventure. She eats 2-3 bowls of cereal each day, she has had mashed potatoes, some oatmeal, we’ve let her munch on an apple, I smash up some of my banana for her when I eat one, she’s tasted pie and ice cream, she loves to taste juice, and I let her have a sippy cup of water after she eats cereal when I can’t nurse her right away.

She is more officially crawling now. She gets up on all fours and pushes herself forward. She can roll over front to back and back to front. And, one of her newest tricks in the making is sitting up all alone! She LOVES bath time and splashing up a storm, and she loves her pink blanket with the soft trim on it. She seems to be growing up so much faster than Faith did, but maybe I was just impatient with Faith’s progress and it really went as quickly as this? Or, maybe it is simply the fact that Felicity has somebody to look up to and wants to keep up with, but Faith didn’t at her age. Either way, my girls are both too much and growing faster than I can keep track of!

eating the bowl of kraut juice







trying to get the kraut

mad that it's all gone!







5 mos big today!


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