*Holiday Stories

Super Man

My husband is just the greatest! Today, on our way to Mass in the major snow storm and the 10 degree temps, we saw this old lady and her grandson trying to walk over a 2 foot pile of snow from the street to the steps in front of her aprtment building. Well, the lady fell over and her grandson was having a difficult time pulling her up on his own, so we pulled over and Lowell went out to help them. Appearantly, the lady recently had knee surgery so was unable to properly bend her knee in order to get through the snow wall that was 3 feet from the steps to her apartment building. Why she was walking on the street in the fist place we never did find out, but she ended up having to walk 20 yards to the end of the street to climb up the curb and walk back to her aprtment on the sidewalk. So, we follwed behind her and her grandson, who just flew here from college in Tampa, FL yesterday, with our flashers on so that nobody would hit them or get MORE snow all over them. When they made it to the curb and went to step up it, she fell again! So we passed them, turned the corner on to a more quiet street, and Lowell went to help her up again and help the grandson help her back to the apartment. When we passed her on the corner, and she was all buried in the snow, she was all smiles and waving, seeming to have the time of her life! Lowell helped her up, but she assured him that she would be just fine now that she was on the sidewalk and her grandson was able to help her out the rest of the way. He just had a hard time pulling her up on his own because with her new knee, she wasn’t able to bend it in order to help him help her up. We went on our way after we saw that they made it safely to the building and were not too late for Mass making it right at the gospel. But isn’t Lowell just the greatest?? Always thinking of others and giving his time and talents to help someone in their time of need.


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