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Christmas eve

Can you believe Christmas is here?! It snuck up much faster than I expected it to. All the shopping is finished, the gifts are wrapped, and I have a Felicity under the tree! Her mobility is allowing her to scoot under the tree and pull on the lights and grab at branches. I still haven’t gotten a super cute picture of it, but I will try again now… Well, she is out now, not very happy about it, but atleast I have another couple minutes before she scoots her way back!

Today we need to do a little bit of house work and start our baking. I have been doing a little bit of baking here and there, but today I want to make Snickerdoodle, Lowell’s fav, I want to try a peanuty butter recipe that calls for some Heryshey Kisses, and we have all we need to make some Rice Krispy Treats. It isn’t very “festive” as far as Christmas desserts and treats go, but with the limited space I have in my kitchen, even this is over doing it! We are having our Christmas dinner tonight. Lowell doesn’t have to start his shift until tomorrow night, so we invited a few of his friends over for dinner since they don’t have family near by. Lowell is going to make a brisket – yum!, and we’re going to serve fresh greenbeans and corn together in a recipe Lowell came up with that is also quite delish, garlic mashed potatoes, biscuits, I am going to make a cranberry Jell-O thing that my mom told me about that sounds amazing, (I will let you know how it turns out) and whatever else we think of at the last minute.

Domonique and I went to the mall yesterday leaving the girls home with Lowell. Dom got a few things, we got our nails done, and I also got Lowell’s last gift. I can’t wait to talk about that one! Leaving the mall was a mess, though! It took us about 40 minutes to leave the parking lot and drive not more than a mile to the freeway where the traffic all broke up and the roads were much more open, a venture that, on a normal day, would have taken all of 5 minutes if you got all green lights! It is crazy the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping, but it’s exciting too! I had alot of fun with Dom, though, just hanging out. It has been such a huge help to me having her around to pitch in with the girls and have someone to talk to about things other than Elmo, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Curious George! I hope she is enjoying being here as much as we are enjoying her here.

Tomorrow is basically going to play out like so: 8:30 Mass at St. Mary’s or St. Paul’s, home and open gifts, a nice breakfast, and then just layin’ low the whole day. For dinner, we will eat steak and shrimp, and maybe some brisket left overs! Not your typical ham or turkey, I know, but I am looking forward to our brisket Christmas eve since that will be our Christmas dinner anyway, and our Christmas day dinner can’t be just anything, after all it is the feast of Christ’s birth! Hence our eating steak and shrimp :)

We pray that each of you and your families have a Holy Christmas. I will personally offer my Holy Communion for you as my gift to you. We love you and pray this time is filled with numerous joys and beautiful blessings! Merry Christmas!


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