*Holiday Stories

Joy to the World! The Lord HAS Come!

Merry Christmas, everybody! We hope that your day was as filled with giggles and good times as ours was.

We got up early Christmas morning to get ready for 8:30 Mass at St. Mary’s. After I was ready, I went in and woke Faith up with a big “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” and asked her if she wanted to go see what Santa brought her and left under the tree. When I brought her out she stared on for a minute before a big grin grew across her face and she started giggling and diving out of my arms and toward the pile of gifts that magically appeared under our tree. We decided to let her open one gift before Mass, so I hunted one out that I knew she would love: A “Pluffie” Beanie Baby who just so happens to look like the infamous Curious George. We showed her where to start and then she begin, one small tear at a time. She’d rip a piece off, hand it to Lowell, rip a piece off, hand it to Lowell… This process repeated for several minutes until she finally pulled off enough paper to discover that something fuzzy was waiting for her. When she pulled out the little monkey, she held it up and smiled so big and cute! I took some pictures of her while opening her present, so you can catch an idea of what the experience was like, bed head and all!

Mass was beautiful as always. Father was a bit under the weather having lost his voice a few days prior, but he managed to croak out a nice homily. When we were leaving St. Mary’s, Lowell ran an old man over. Okay, it wasn’t like that! What happened was an old man was walking, with two canes, to his car. He was far enough away that Lowell didn’t pay him any mind while backing out until this man was in center view of the rear window. Well, the gentleman tried scooting out of the way incase we hadn’t seen him, moved to quickly on the ice, lost his balance and fell over. Lowell slammed on the brakes, put the van in park and rushed out, along with 6 or 7 other men, to see if he was okay and help him up. I jumped into the driver seat to move the van back into our spot and Domonique and I sat trying to decide if Lowell had hit this guy or if it was just a coincidence. I didn’t feel or hear us hit anybody, but I guess in the ice you can never be too sure. The man was okay. Lowell and a few others hovered around him as he finished the rest of the short walk to his car. Lowell asked him again and again if he was hurt at all and if he needed us to do anything, but the man just smiled and said, “I have been in two wars, I can’t be hurt! I am alright.” So, Lowell apologized again, sent him on his way, and then we headed home: Take Two! Poor Lowell. I told him he can’t save them all like the old woman on the way to church last week. All was went well on the way back, except when we got home. Dom was carrying Felicity in to the house and slipped on the ice! She braced Felicity enough on the way down that she wouldn’t smack her head on the driveway, but Felicity had a big red forhead and cheek from the collision with Dom’s shoulder. Domonique was a little shaken up and sore. She nailed her tail bone pretty good and I think she might have hurt her hip a bit too. She was a little slow to get around and not too amused at the idea of chasing Faith throughout the day, but with a little Tylenol and a pillow on the couch, she was pretty much golden by dinner. Then again, things are always different the next morning, so we will have to see what happens when she wakes up.

After we ate some breakfast after our exciting adventure at church, we finally dove into presents. At one point I joked that it was going to take us six hours to open them all because of the rate that Faith worked at. So, we told her it was okay to throw the paper on the floor as she went. The process began like this: rip a small piece, pull arm all the way back, throw piece of paper with all your strength, paper falls to ground 2 inches in front of you. Repeat. We had alot of fun laughing at the sight each and everytime she opened a gift. Felicity knew just what needed to be done when it came to ripping open a present. I would tear a little piece to start it for her and she would grab and pull the paper off like she’d been doing this for years. I was excited we actually got her a few things that she could open because it was so cute to watch! Unfortunately, though, being a baby, she was only able to make it half way through before having a melt down and needing a nap.

For Christmas, I got Lowell a new wedding ring. He broke his first ring a couple months after we got married while carrying a bucket full of paint while working on the Costco in Duncanville, TX, and he recently broke his second one while working on something at work when a bolt fell on it and broke it! So, we tried white gold first, tungsten second, and now we are going to see how titatnium holds up! I also got him a 22 semi-automatic Ruger rifle. It was a long painful process of sneaking around, but I managed to pull it off. The store that I had the gun shipped to checked it out when it got in and the guy that owns the place told me I have real good taste in guns! He said that he loved everything about this special edition something or another rifle so much that he called and ordered one for his shop before they were all sold out! He sent me on my way with lots of info about shooting ranges, a free box of bullets for the ten-shot magazine, and a Merry Christmas! It was a fun experience, but Lowell figured it out!!! Who does that?! We were bringing the gifts out on Christmas eve and I brought the rifle out that was in a box and wrapped, and if you shook it there is no way someone could guess it was a gun, besides, it was in a box! But, Lowell lifted it and looked at it for a minute and just knew. Oh well! Atleast I tried to surprise him :)

We spent the rest of our day watching all the movies we got. Faith and Felicity got Spirit, Finding Nemo, Curious George, and The Aristocats, I got Hancock, and we got Dom The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (aka Pants and People Crying: pt. 2). So, we did that, talked to our families on the phone, and Lowell made the steak and shrimp dinner we had on the menu then he went to bed for a nap before starting his Mids shift later that night. On a total side note, the brisket dinner we had on Christmas eve was absolutly AMAZING! It was by far the best Lowell has ever made it – yum, yum! After we put the kids to bed, prayed the rosary, and Lowell left for work, Dom and I stayed up real late talking about all sorts of different things. I really enjoyed that little time we shared ;)

To sum it all up: Christmas was truly a beautiful day. A few little bummer things in the morning, but over all it was great! I offered my Mass, Communion, and Rosary for you all just like I promised. It took me a while, but I really do believe I mentioned you each by name! Now, it is time to think about moving. But, I am going to put that off until Monday and just enjoy all my new Christmas memories and spending time with my little family, Dom included!

Opening 1st gift before Mass


little pieces at a time...


She loves George


Felicity opening a gift

enjoying paper more than presents!

Opening his rifle



 Dom & Felicity w/ her "Pluffie" Puppy


Honey loves his toy!


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