*In a Nut Shell

Sissy Girls

Faith recently figured out how to say Felicity. It sounds alot like “Tee-Tee” but atleast she figured something out because up until now, Felicity has been “Baby.”
This morning, Faith was having a difficult time climbing into her chair for breakfast. I was buttering toast and pouring sippy cups of water so was unable to assist her, but I was encourageing her from the kitchen, telling her she could do it, she just had to be patient and breathe. Sure enough, she got herself in and applauded herself while saying “Yaaaaaay! Ta-daaaaa!” I joined in her excitement and told her I was proud of her. After I got Faith all situated, I brought Felicity in to put her in the highchair for her breakfast of rice cereal. I pulled the tray back, slid Felicity in, and Faith started clapping again. I turned to her and asked her why she was clapping and she said, “Yay, Tee-Tee, ta-daaa! Yaaaay!” She was applauding Felicity for getting into her chair without any problems! Naturally, my heart melted into a huge puddle and has continued to do so every time I recall the scenario in my head. Felicity loves and admires Faith so much, but Faith is still under the impression that Felicity has icky germs or something most of the time. But, as Felicity is getting more mobile and capable of accomplishing things on her own, I think Faith is noticing that “Tee-Tee” isn’t so bad after all but is in no hurry to be “bestest buddies” just yet. I am not worried about it, I know their time will come, and until it does I will continue to have the pleasure of Faith getting heebie-geebies everytime Felicity drools, and have the heart warming moments of Faith recognizing her little sissy and sharing in the excitement of her tiny accomplishments as well.


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