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The Past Few Weeks

Moving went quite smoothly. We made probably 10 trips back and forth between the apartment and the new house up the street. Domonique helped with every trip, she did all the driving (she just got her permit so she got to get a little practice in getting back and forth), and she worked her tail off too. Lowell made more trips than I did, but I made some too while he slept a few hours the first day as he had just come off of “Mids” which is the graveyard shift. So, we moved and unpacked non stop from Wednesday, December 31st, to Friday, January 2nd, late in the evening. Lowell went back to work on Saturday morning, and I went back to the apartment to do the last minute cleaning that I didn’t get done before we moved (vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning bathroom, etc.) We already tackled ceiling fans, windows and blinds, and the refrigerator. Dom stayed at the new house with the girls so I could get that done without distraction. It has been such a tremendous help and so much fun having her around!! I don’t know what we would have done without her help…

On Sunday, January 4th, Lowell took a special liberty day, we went to early Mass, and headed to NYC for the day where we met up with Lowell and Dom’s cousins, John Basler and Catherine Estrada. We went to Rockefeller Center and saw the big tree, walked around Times Square doing some touristy type things like taking pictures of everything and stopping by places like the M&M store and the HERSHEY’S Store too. Dom really wanted to see the City and Catherine was in town from Missouri so we all spent some time hanging out in NYC then brought Catherine back to Saratoga with us for a few days before she headed home. We had a nice visit with Catherine the day and a half she was here. We did some catching up, she took millions of photos that I am hoping to get my hands on a few of, and Domonique and she stayed up late one night downloading music to Dom’s iPod Shuffle she got for Christmas from Grace.

We are all settled in our new place, and I love it! It is two story, 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bath. It has a huge open kitchen with a separate laundry room that breaks off from it that is very spacious too. The bedrooms are just gianormous and have roomy closets. Faith has the biggest of the two rooms that I will eventually move Felicity in to. But even with a bed, a crib, and two dressers, there is still PLENTY of room for playing with toys. I made the other my guest room that fits our two twin beds and my treadmil. The master bedroom – WOW! It is unbelievable! You walk through our master bedroom door and down an 8 foot hallway that opens to my room, and at the end of the hallway, before it opens to the room, on the left is a walk-in closet, and across from that is a bathroom with a vanity area that is separate from the toilet and shower. Oh! And did I mention that that too has a big storage closet? Holy smokes!! I also have a deep storage closet up stairs too. We have a little yard in the back that is fenced in, so Faith will be able to play outside when it warms up, and we have an attached garage that opens into my kitchen. God has been SO good to us. I feel like I am living in a mansion compared to the apartment I just came from, and it is a much bigger arrangement compared to our house in Charleston.

Lowell left for Kings Bay, Georgia on Sunday, January 11th, for eleven days for a special school that is furthering his knowledge of nuclear power and the mechanics of it. Dom and I are driving to Virginia on Tuesday the 13th where I will hang out with the girls until Lowell is done with his class. He will fly into one of the airports in D.C., and depending on what is going on, we might stay one more night in Manassas with his fam, or just continue on home from the airport the morning I pick him up.

We had the Law’s, Justin, Brandi, and their baby, Micah, and the Sherwin’s, Steve, Kate, and their baby, John, over for brisket dinner on Saturday night. It was a short night compared to our usual late night get togethers we tend to have when it comes to hangin‘ with the Law‘s, however everyone had to get home to their older kids, but it was very enjoyable just the same. We always have so much fun with the Law’s and were thrilled the Sherwin’s could share in our little get together. This was our first time meeting Steve and Kate formally. Up until then, we had just been emailing back and forth. One of the ladies that was at our baptism prep class for Felicity got our email and gave it to the Sherwin’s because they have young kids like us. John is two weeks older than Felicity, and Micah is one day older than Felicity too. Anyway, it was so good to finally meet them. We are looking forward to seeing them again to better our acquaintance and letting their older boys, Thomas (4) and Gabe (2), meet our girls.

Other than all of the above, nothing else to new or exciting is left to report. I am sure I will think of little things here and there, or even see or hear little things the girls are doing and blog them for you in the next few days. Thanks for all your prayers for our move and our sanity! I’ve missed the internet terribly, but the cable company wasn’t able to come out to reconnect us until today. I am happy to report we are back in action though and are looking forward to catching up with all we’ve missed in our few weeks without internet. J I do have to say it was a great opportunity for penance while it lasted, so it wasn’t all bad not having it. God bless!!


2 thoughts on “The Past Few Weeks

  1. Your place sounds amazing, you are so blessed and so lucky to have all that help. Thank God for family. I want pictures!! I wanna see all that SPACE! ;)


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