*Our Travels

Sweet Virginia

Domonique and I drove down to Virginia on Tuesday, the 13th. It was a perfect drive, no complications or fussy babies. The last 45 minutes was the worst part because we hit traffic, we got into town at rush hour, and the girls weren’t too happy about the delay. But, we made it and weren’t taumatized in the least. Dom drove a little bit in the morning and again in the afternoon. She did pretty good for the first time on the highway! I got a little nervous a few times, but remained calm because I remember what it felt like to have people freak out in the passenger seat: it doesn’t help!

Since we have been here, we’ve just hung out really. Well, Dom’s birthday was on the 14th, so we piled in my van and went to the outlet mall for the afternoon. That was enjoyable, and Faith & Felicity were good sports about that too. Other than that, we have just been trying to get into a routine of our own while living in house full of people. The girls are both a little sick with runny noses, but Felicity is looking better today so maybe we are almost pass this. I don’t think there is anything on the agenda for this weekend, but being in a full house, I am sure that will change on whim!

With all this people interaction, Faith’s vocabulary is really becoming more defined. Lowell can really tell the daily difference when talking to her each night before she goes to bed, but my being with her the change isn’t so dramatic but more subtle for me. She is loving playing with Uncle Cy and Auntie Jane, but still prefers Dom or me in her times of need. Felicity is also a big fan of Uncle Cy!! It is just too cute to watch her light up when he comes over to talk to and play with her. Faith is enjoying bossing the dogs, Gabe and Madison, around. She tells them to go to bed, or “Nigh, Nigh” although they only listen when someone in an understandable language tells them to “go to bed” and she also lovs to give them treats! A little trait she learned from watching Papaw. Infact, this morning, she told the Gabe & Madison, “Nigh, nigh, daws, nigh, nigh,” while pointing to their crates and patting their little beds. So, I told them to go to bed, for her sake, and they obediently went with it. They put themselves to bed, Faith, again, told them, “Nigh, nigh,” closed their doors, and pulled the blankets down. After about … 10 seconds, she pulled the balnkets up, opened the doors, and said “Go! Go! Go, daws!” And when they went out she applauded them saying “Yaaaaaaaay!” Then wanted to give them treats for being good. So, we let her give them a treat… she broke off the tiniest pieces at a time, giving them each a bite in their turn, a process that took about 5 minutes! So, we are having lots of fun in Virginia while Lowell is having fun in Georgia; even though what he is doing is for work, there is still fun to be had, like going to Florida  for the weekend :)  

I will post some pictures on facebook from our trip when I get home … I forgot to bring my cord to VA with me!


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