*In a Nut Shell

Here We Go Again!

Today I am packing our things and getting my house ready to leave for California! Why am I getting my house ready if I am leaving it? Simply because I love to come home to a clean house and only having to unpack our things, do a load or two of laundry, and just sit & veg! We leave tomorrow morning at 9:30, God willing there are no serious, wintry delays. We have a layover in Vegas, but are due to arrive in So Cal at 2:30p.m. I am a little nervous about 6 hours in the plane from Albany to Vegas, but am remaining hopeful that God hears my prayers for happy girls! We are really excited to get there, though, and see everybody. I am anxious to see what Faith will think of all her aunts and uncles that she probably doesn’t remember even exist! That is one of the hardest things about being  in the military: being so far from my family that they don’t know my kids and vice versa. Anyway, please keep our traveling in your prayers, and a happy time for us all. We are looking forward to all the visiting we’re going to do and soaking in that southern California sun! 

Expect California updates soon!


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