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California Dreams

We arrived, safe and sound, Saturday afternoon at 2:00. We flew 5 1/2 hours from Albany to Las Vegas, and 36 minutes from Las Vegas to Ontario. It wasn’t so bad at all! The girls were perfect, thank you, God, and everyone else who whispered a prayer or two for us :) My dad, Catherine, and Julia picked us up just as we grabbed our last suitcase and made our way to the curb. I just have to say that I was positively melting away into a giant puddle in the few minutes we were outside, loading our things and Faith & Felicity into the van!!! You don’t know what it is like to live in freeeeeezing temps with piles of snow, to fly for a few hours and land yourself in [practically] paradise!!! When we got back to the house, my aunt, Therese, was here with one of my cousins, Trista, to surprise us! We haven’t seen each other since May, and she said the whole family would have come, my uncle and the 4 other kids, but they all had basketball and it was going to be such a quick trip that they just couldn’t do it. I am so happy she and Trista could make it though :) She heads back to Idaho on Monday evening.

I forgot how much I used to enjoy living in So Cal until today. We went to mass at Guasti, got to see a few familiar faces, stayed for a pancake breakfast, drove back up the Hill and just vegged out on the lawn chairs the whole afternoon until the game started. Shorts, t-shirts, sun dresses, sandals or no shoes at all for some, in the most perfect, low-70’s temperatures. I really hope I am not making anybody on the east coast too jealous, but I still am having a hard time believing that such great weather can exist California, in the same country, at the same time as the arctic buurrrrrrr that we are currently having in New York. We watched the incredible Super Bowl, (I was sorry to see Arizona lose) and just hung around the whole rest of the afternoon and evening munching and chatting. Lowell took James back to school around 8:00 and was able to see and talk to Fr. Chrysostom, Fr. Jerome, Fr. Sebastian, and a few others that he hasn’t seen in a long while. We are all going to go up to the Abbey for Mass next Sunday so I will have a chance to see some friends and give everybody a chance to see our girls.

We aren’t too packed with a busy itinerary while we are here. We have some friends to see and places to go, but the majority of our time will be spent here, with my family. I will try to not make you on the east coast too miserable reading about this fun in the sun, but I am definitely going to want to remember it all when I get back :P More updates soon!


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