*Our Travels

Memories Are Made of These

We ended up not going to Vince’s on Thursday night as Faith and Lowell weren’t feeling that well. Instead, we just ordered “$5.00 Hot and Ready’s” aka Little Cesears for dinner after Fr Jon said Mass. Faith pretty much spent from Wednesday until Monday evening whining, crying, and upset because she had the flu then diarrhea that brought on a HORRIBLE diaper rash, so we pretty much cancelled all the plans we made to do.

On Friday, we celebrated Faith’s 2nd Birthday! Fr Jon said Mass in the morning, then we all sang “Happy Birthday!” and she opened a gift from my family (a super cute outfit) and a little stuffed animal/beanie baby horse from us. That afternoon, I ran out with Lauren and got my hair trimmed, ran some errands for my mom, stopped by the office (C-21 Now, where I used to work with my Dad) to see a few of the people I missed our first trip down (originally, Lowell was going to meet me there with the girls to show them off again, but that didn’t work out with Faith not feeling well), and then headed up the Hill to help Lowell get the brisket dinner prepared and Stephen, Megan, and Ava (The Perry’s) came up too. We had a nice time visiting with the Perry’s, and everyone loved Lowell’s mouth watering brisket!

The rest of the weekend was busy, but low key. Saturday, we started our day with Mass. We were supposed to have a BBQ with Lowell’s Uncle Bryan later in the day, but with Faith out of sorts, we had to cancel. We were really bummed about it, but Lowell was able to spend a few hours with him one evening earlier in the week, so atleast one of us got to see him :) Instead, we hung around the house, the Perry’s ended up coming up again, Lowell and Stephen played Mr Fix-it around the house, some of the kids went to the mall with Fr Jon, my Dad and James went to the movies, and the rest of just mozied about. On Sunday, we were supposed to go to the St Michael’s for Mass and meet up with a few good friends for lunch afterward, but once again we had to cancel due to Faith’s feeling horrible. Infact, it was so bad that Lowell stayed home with her while I went to Mass with my family at Guasti. It was nice to go to Guasti one more time, but I was sad we weren’t able to go up to the Abbey as it is just so peaceful to be there. I did get to see the Hackbarth’s and Vasquez’s whom we hadn’t seen the week before, so that was exciting! When we got home, Lowell hurried down the Hill to go to Mass in Corona. Not too long after her got home, we finished pulling the house together for John and Mary’s engagement party. It was just the two families brought together to re-get-to-know-each other and was a very wonderful evening. Lowell brought James back to St. Mike’s, I put the girls to bed and stayed up playing “Phase 10” with Lauren while partially watching the Grammy’s.

Monday, Erin came up with her kids, Daniel, Josh, Claire, and Abby, and spent the whole afternoon hanging out. It was so good to see her! We used to hang out quite a bit waaaaay back in the day, we decided it was about 9 years ago actually, but have continued to keep in touch via email and facebook. Abby, Faith, and Gloria are all the same age, and her older kids are all my mom’s kids’ ages. So, we had a really nice time chatting about this and that from family to life. We both agreed it wasn’t enough time, so are already planning a whole day together the next time we are in California. Lowell finished up last minute things from his to-do list, did some things with my Dad, and was able to spend time hanging out with the Hill’s too. I was so sad to see them go when the time came, but am ever so grateful for the time shared!

Yesterday, we got up and guess what. Faith was in a great mood! Laughing, playing, running around with the kids, talking up a storm, etc. You should have seen my face! I was so happy she was feeling better and playing with the kids a few minutes before having to leave for the airport, but I was so upset that it hadn’t happened a few days BEFORE. Eventually, the goodbye’s came … along with the tears! We all hate goodbyes! This time wasn’t as hard for me  because I know when I’m going back where as usually when we leave, we don’t know when we will make it out again, but we’re going back in October for John & Mary’s wedding! YAY! So, the water works weren’t AWFUL like it typically would have been. The flight home went as smooth as it possibly could considering that both girls have rashes and we were in planes and airports for 10 hours. We got home and plopped straight into bed. I think the girls were sleeping before their heads hit the pillow, I know I mostly was when I hit mine.

We are home safe and sound now, with some incredible memories to ponder for a long time. Things like warm weather, visits with lots of our favorite people, including the fam!, sick babies, and the beginning stages of welcoming a new sister to the family. We miss it all so much already, but we are happy to be home and ready to take it easy for a little while. Poor Lowell is leaving for another 2 week class in Georgia on Monday, so he won’t be able to get super settled until after then.

Thank you for all the prayers for our safe travels and pleasant vacation!


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