*In a Nut Shell

7 Months and Walking?!

Felicity is crawling everywhere and climbing everything now. I can’t keep up with this little girl anymore. One minute she is in the middle of the living room floor playing with toys, and the next she is in the middle of my kitchen floor eating something not eatible anymore! And, she has been trying her skills at climbing since she was a little over 6 months but never managed to get very far because she lost her strength half way and had crash landings. Now, she is a proficient climber, but still a crash lander! Yesterday, she crawled toward the couch, stopped when she was close enough to reach it and climb up, and when she was on her feet, she was still at arms length away from being up against it, so she walked herself TO the couch, still holding on mind you, but didn’t even think twice about it! How many 7 month old babies do that?? That was in the morning… Yesterday afternoon, I laid her down for her afternoon nap. About fifteen minutes later, I heard this screaming coming from upstairs and I was shocked at how mad she was at having to go to bed, but I was still going to make her cry it out and go to sleep. Well, 10 minutes of this screaming and crying went by, so I decided I better go up and make sure a limb wasn’t falling off or something. (Not that sleeping in a pack ‘n play has gadgets and gizmos for removing limbs, but in the Schaper household, nothing ceases to amaze me any more! )  I walked up the stairs and into our room, and there is Felicity, STANDING in her bed, holding on for dear life, scared to death of falling backwards! (I gathered this much as I walked in because I startled her and she started to fall back but caught herself then screamed in fright!) I admit it, I laughed out loud. It was a pitiful site, but she was so cute standing there even though she was red faced, snot coming out of her nose, and with a look that told me I better never leave her in a situation like that EVER again! By the time I got to her, she stopped crying a little bit, but when I picked her up she looked right into my eyes and screamed at me! However, then she was done with her trauma and settled into my shoulder for some love and comfort. She was standing in there again this afternoon when I went to get her up from her nap. She wasn’t screaming this time, but was all smiles and coo’s instead!

Motherhood… how can you live your life without it?

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