*In a Nut Shell

A Day With The Sherwin’s

Today is Day #3 of 13 that Lowell has been in Georgia. Honestly, it feels like he has been gone a month already! Needless to say, the girls and I miss him very much!

Today, I took the girls to the Sherwin’s house for lunch. Kate and I had a very nice time chatting while her boys, Thomas(4) and Gabe(2), had fun getting to know Faith. They ran around, passed toys back and forth, really just enjoyed each others company. John (7mos) and Felicity stayed in their own little worlds for the most part, but what more can you expect from babies so young? Kate served up a family recipe of mac n’ cheese passed down from her grandma that has been modified as it passes its way through the generations. It was very delish and a real winner with Faith; she ate a bowl and half of it! Half way through lunch, Kate’s mom stopped by to say hello. Mrs. Towne is such a sweet lady, I like her very much and look forward to seeing her again on another visit with Kate’s fam. In the duration of her mom’s little visit over lunch, we swaped a few stories, one of which was Lowell’s and my love story :) Shortly after Mrs. Towne headed home (which is around the corner from Kate!) we gathered our things and cleared out so the kids could all go down for their naps. Faith wasn’t sleepy, but Felicity was ready for a little shut eye, so it worked out perfect that Kate’s boys were going down.

The rest of this week will be pretty low key. We are going to have dinner with our neighbors, the Meyers, and Clare is supposed to come up this weekend if her boss will give her Saturday off. So, the days are going by pretty quickly with our little things coming up on the schedule. Hurry up and come home, Honey!


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