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Potty Training, Take 1

While we were in California, Faith was real sick. Long story short  of all the yucky details, she spent alot of time in undies or just bare from the waste down because of a severe diaper rash we were trying to get healed, or mostly healed, before getting on an airplane ALL DAY flying home. She did pretty well in the underwear, so I figured I would attempt the potty training thing when we were home and she was over her stomach flu and rash thing. So, we got home, she slowly has gotten better and to top it all off, Aunt Monique (aka Domonique) and Uncle Ray sent her some cute Elmo undies and some necklaces for her birthday. Another push in my favor to really start on this adventure in potty training.

Okay, so it isn’t going over so well at all!  LOL  She refuses to go to the bathroom on the toilet, why? I don’t know! In the past, she has gone “stinkies” in the toilet a few times, no problem, and she has peed before taking a bath a couple times too, no problem. So, what is the major malfunction now???? She talks about doing it, shows interest in doing it, we talk about it, I put her in underwear, but when the time comes she will not go on the toilet. Yesterday, it was 2:55, I changed her into some undies when she got up from her nap and tried getting her to pee, but she fought me about it. So, I didn’t push her too much because I figured maybe she went in her diaper right when she woke up, but I made a mental note for myself to take her again in 3o minutes. My day goes on, I finish folding the laundry, start putting it away, and Faith walks in the room and exclaims, “All done! Yaaaaaaaaay!” and claps her hands. I stared at her for a half second wondering what she has “finished” when I notice her pants and socks are soaking wet: she peed her pants! Ugh. I peeled the wet, yucky clothes off, had another talk about going on the potty like a big girl and not peeing in big girl undies, looked up at the clock and it was 3:35. Are you kidding me? I spaced out 10 extra minutes than my mental note and she pees her pants? Yep, it’s my own fault! Why don’t mental notes have alarms anyway?

We tried again today, but with going to lunch at the Sherwin’s (blog below…) and her new determination to NOT go on the toilet, we just did a couple diaper strip down attempts at it instead of doing the whole underwear package. I think I am going to keep talking to her about it, maybe do some diaper strip downs when I think I have her ready to actually GO, maybe even have an undies day or two a week for a few hours at a time just so she gets a feel of the freedom, and then we will really hit it straight on again in a month or so. I know she knows what is going on, I just have to wait for her to want this as much as I do, and if I force her into it, I know it will only complicate matters further.

I will keep you posted on any exciting developments on this little “potty training” hill I have only started to climb!


One thought on “Potty Training, Take 1

  1. Ahaha, I hadn’t read your blog since Tuesday, and I can’t believe you have a potty training post! I was just going to put one up about Gabe! I can’t believe how young Faith is to be doing so well! I have a friend whose daughter was born 6 weeks after Gabe (so she’s 2y5m) and she’s totally potty trained, done. Her mom just gave me all the diapers she still had left last week. Is it a girl thing? Thomas was done (except at night) by the time he was three, and I thought that was kind of quick?


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