*In a Nut Shell

Washington’s Birthday

I will be up front and honest with you: This blog has not one tiny thing to do with George Washington! But, as I sat here a minute thinking of what to title my randomness tonight, I remembered seeing “Washington’s Birthday” on the calendar earlier, so I am dedicating tonight’s post to our good ol’ first president… even though it has nothing to do with him ;)

Today is day #8 of the 13 that Lowell will be gone. It has flown by quickly, but I miss him more terribly now than I did when he first left. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

We had a nice dinner on Thursday night with the Meyers’. They live 2 units up from us, so it was a very no-hassle-ordeal! We hung out for a little while afterward and ended up putting Madagascar 2 on, but about a half hour into it, the kids started doing the typical “tired kid” thing. You know, wandering around aimlessly, making a huge stink over little things, being difficult just for the sake of being difficult, and getting into stuff. Ofcourse it is all comical, but the night had to come to a close at some point, right? It was so  nice to have the evening off and enjoy the company of some friends. Thanks Meyers’!

This weekend Clare came up to hang out and we had such a nice time together. On Saturday we mozied about in no hurry to get our day started, it was great! In the afternoon, we pulled ourselves together and went to town to the popular hang out spot: Walmart. – LOL – Well, we really went there, but it isn’t the popular hang out spot. When we got home, we had some pizza that I pre-ordered on Pizza Hut’s website earlier in the day. It was actually quite nice because as soon as we got home and got our things in the house, *Ding, Dong* dinner was here! I requested our delivery for just the right time without even thinking about it. After dinner I bathed Faith and Felicity, put them down at their normal bed times, then Clare and I hung out with Andrea (Meyers) for the evening. I originally thought maybe we’d watch a girlie movie or something, but that just wasn’t working as I couldn’t come up with something I thought we’d all enjoy. So, we established we’d play games, but ended up sitting around and drinking wine instead. I really enjoyed myself and I am pretty Clare and Andrea enjoyed themselves as well. This morning was early to rise with the little people, but we mozied about once again and went to Mass at 11:15. When we got home, ate, and put the girls down for naps, Clare and I hit the couch again to talk up a storm pretty much up until the time we left for the bus station just before 5:00. The time went by way too fast, and as always, I was very sad to see her go. I can’t wait to have her back for another visit. We are going to try and work it out for when Lowell has a 3-day weekend so that Clare can bring her beloved boyfriend, Brian, and we can all hang out together – YAY! (Sorry, Clare, I just had to say beloved, it just sounds cute!) 

***Over the weekend, Faith has not been feeling well. She woke up Saturday afternoon quite out of it and when we got to Walmart, we noticed she had a fever. She didn’t eat much for dinner, but had lots of fluids, took a cool bath and called it a night with another sippycup full of Gatorade with water and some Tylenol. When I checked on her at 12:30, she was burning up! I took her temp and it was 101.6 – yikes! So, I got her more water and Tylenol, and called Lowell to see if he thought I should take her in. I really didn’t want to and knew I didn’t HAVE to because it wasn’t 103.0+, but I wanted to make sure that Lowell felt the same way. So, after the up and down the stairs, phone call to Lowell, moving Faith to my bed so it was easier to keep tabs on her in the night, getting into my jammies and all settled it was 1:30. But, then we had about an hour of getting comfortable. Poor Faith, with her fever, couldn’t decide if she wanted more blankets or no blankets or some blankets…It was about 2:30 the last time I looked at the clock. 5:14, guess who is ready for a midnight snack? We take care of the hungry 7 month old (who, by the way, popped another new tooth on top yesterday morning!), got settled in, and what seemed like 5 minutes later it was 7:30 and both girls were awake and ready for breakfast! Faith has still been very out of it today, please pray for her. The fever was gone by  lunch time, but she still doesn’t have much of an appetite, drinks lots and lots, no problem, but just looks drained. It is more than likely due to the fact that we were up alot in the middle of the night, but I still hate to see my baby sick.

Tonight, I close my weekend out with a note of the latest, an ice cold beer, and some Wheat Thins. I hope your weekend was something worth while as it is one of the last to enjoy for a while now that Lent is starting in a few days! (I actually can’t wait, I love lent!) We are going to have a Fat Tuesday celebration with the Sherwin clan. I’m having them over for lasagna and maybe we will load up on some yummy luxuries too. There is no reason why we can’t have ourselves a little Mardi Gras party … even though we are in a climate pretty polar opposite to that of New Orleans!


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