*In a Nut Shell

And the Two Shall Become One…

Naughty Duo!

This morning, Faith and Felicity have joined forces for the first time and discovered how much fun it is to cause trouble together. Everytime I turn around, the two of them run off to create a household crime of some sort. First, they pulled the DVD’s off the movie shelf (we keep the “kid” movies on a reachable shelf for Fath), so while Faith sprawled them out, Felicity crawled on and ate them! We picked up that mess, and I went to change the laundry… I came back to find that they went behind the couch and pulled out all the puzzle pieces from this Tom & Jerry Jigsaw Puzzle Story Book we have. Faith threw the pieces and Felicity caught them in her mouth :P After we corrected that situation, and I went to read Conversation with God, they wandered to the corner of the dining room where we have a stack of drawers that we keep random stuff in. In one of those drawers if Faith’s coloring books, scrap paper, and crayons. They emptied the enitre contents of the coloring drawer, tossed the paper around, and dumped the crayons out. Faith was drawing a nice picture on the sliding glass door and Felicity was mushing down crayons for her diaper art work later on. At this point I am wondering if maybe God doesn’t want me reading my morning meditation today..? Okay, so we clean up that whole disaster, Faith gets in trouble for creating a mess and coloring on the glass, Felicity is searched for any hidden crayon in the mouth or in her clothes, and we have a long talk about not getting into things just to get into them, all the while I’m also telling both of them that we don’t play in the mini blinds because they are playing with them as  I am trying to “mother them.”  I sit back with my coffee and Conversation with God for 5 minutes before I hear clinking noises in the kitchen. I walk around the corner and there they are, getting into the dishwasher! Faith is getting silverware and plates out and Felicity is trying to climb on the door so she can get silverware and plates too! Now, you might ask, “Well, why didn’t she stop them from getting into the kitchen after the last 3 incidents?” And, my answer to that is we have letters on the fridge that they like to play with, totally innocent, right? So I thought they were going to go play with those, and I was quite wrong! Where Faith goes it seems that Felicity is not far behind, and Faith is actually liking the idea of a side kick now.


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