*In a Nut Shell

Smartie Pants

On Saturday, I made Faith a half of peanut butter and jelly sandwhich and served it to her on a plate with a piece of balogna cut in half. She grabbed her PB & J to take a bite, but I told her, “No, no, we have to pray. Fold your hands,” so she set the sandwhich down and started to fold her hands, but couldn’t resist herself, and reached for one of the balogna halves. Again, I told her to put it down because we still had to pray. So, she put it down and folded her hands, I closed my eyes, and we began, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…” As we were [supposed to be] praying I opened one eye to watch what she was doing during our prayer, and this is what I saw:

Faith sitting very still, folding her hands.
Faith very slowly turning her head up to look at me.
Faith very slowly turning back to her plate of food.
Faith very quickly, like lightning speed!, grab the OTHER half of balogna, shove it into her mouth as fast as she can, look forward and fold her hands like nothing happened…with a mouth bulged out with a piece of balogna.

What did I do? I burst out laughing SO hard!!!! I couldn’t even tell her “No!” or that we don’t eat WHILE we pray, but I could laugh and laugh at the intelligence of it all. She didn’t sneak a bite of the sandwhich, or the piece of balogna I told her to put back, but the one item we didn’t discuss she grabbed and shoved. She really plotted it out, and I think, in her little 2 year old mind, justified her action because it was, after all, the one piece of food still “in the clear” according to our pre-prayer conversation. What a little smartie pants!


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