*In a Nut Shell

One of Those Days

Winter turning to spring, in New York, is so cruel! You look out your window to see the snow -finally- melting away, the sun is out, and there is little to no breeze. So, you get yourself and the kiddo’s dressed and set out for the great outdoors, but second guess yourself and decide that you want to double check what the weatherchannel.com is saying… So, you log in and it tells you that it is going to be 43 degrees but the “real feel” temp is 35. Ruined. The hopefulness that is going out and soaking in some glorious sunshine is shattered because WHY IN THE WORLD would you put 20 layers to “play” out there when you can’t even benefit from it. Oh, and don’t forget, your kids both have a cold, and the baby’s is so bad that she is on antibiotics. So, you sit inside, but continue to find yourself staring out a window… dreaming. Dreaming about warmer days. Dreaming about a little pool for the kids, maybe planting a little garden of some sort in the corner of the yard, nice evenings on the porch with an ice cold beer after a long day of cleaning and/or BBQing. Oh yes, barbecue. Who doesn’t love to barbecue? What about a firepit of some sort? That would be a fun way to hang out in the evening. “Those warm days are coming,” you keep reminding yourself. You even start to literally promise yourself it is coming ! It becomes more of a reality when you keep those warm dreams alive, if you turn the heat up really high :P , and you get out there with your measuring stick to find out how much snow is melting by the hour. 

Hark! What news is brought to us by the friend AND foe, (it all depends on what it has to say), weatherchannel.com. Tomorrow is promised to be 54 degrees with “real feel” temps of 57! Halleluia! You can bet your bottom dollar that we WILL be spending tomorrow out of doors and we WILL be BBQing… the pool, garden, and firepit-hanging out-in-the-evening, however, will be postponed indefinitely. Hooray for a practically spring day!!!!


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