God’s Little Blessing

God has blessed us with another beautiful blessing! We are due to meet our newest family member on November 25th. This baby comes as a surprise, but God must have an amazing plan for Him to have blessed us again… 

I prayed everyday that God help me to be in excellent health before He blessed us with another little blessing. I couldn’t exactly put a time limit on Him, so prayer for good health seemed like a good place to start. Then, my fertility returned very early on. So, I added “help with NFP” to my prayer requests because I was still breastfeeding in addition to being an irregular person. The last time around, we abstained for longer than usual. I kept a close eye on my cervix, which finally closed up tight, and we still abstained. Time went on, the day came and went that I should have started, but when I didn’t, I figured I was just being me: stupidly irregular. Then, I started smelling things. Then, one day, I started getting easily annoyed by the most random things. Then, shortly after that, I just knew. When I tested, on the feast of the Annunciation (how fitting, right?), and came out positive, I cried. I cried because I am nervous about being able to handle this again so soon, but then I remember all my praying. And, it brings me comfort to remember that I prayed for a “healthy me” before conceiving again AND we did everything, and more, as far as NFP goes, yet I still conceived. So, please pray for me to remain healthy and for the baby to be healthy. I am still nervous, being the small human I am! It sounds so silly for me to admit it because I love to be pregnant and I love to be a mom, and if I wasn’t diabetic there would definitely not be one ounce of nervousness but only pure joy! However, the doctors expressed lots of concern about my diabetes and conceiving again right away.  So, please pray for me and our growing little family :) and stay tuned for updates on what’s happening!


5 thoughts on “God’s Little Blessing

  1. Congratulations Joanna and Lowell! God has given you this amazing gift and he will definitely take care of you!! God bless you guys!


  2. Congratulations! How exciting to know that you have a new addition to the family coming soon. We’ll say lots of prayers for you and baby’s health and happiness!!! Take care!


  3. When I got your text, I wasn’t suprised at all. God knows you are so strong and I know He will carry you through. You and that beautiful blessing. You and your family are in our prayers. Miss you


  4. What wonderful news! I know many of the feelings you are dealing with, but gratitude for that new little life overwhelms them all doesn’t it? Lots of prayers for your health and for your family. God Bless!


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