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The Latest and Greatest

So far, so good with the pregnancy. I am 6  1/2 weeks and am starting to head into my “morning” sickness stage. I think that this time it is going to be hitting me after dinner rather than the mid- to late afternoon that happened with Faith and Felicity. It is still a little early into it to tell, but I think that this will be it. And, so long as I don’t eat until I am full and just eat enough to satisfy my hunger, I should be able to avoid curling up on the couch :P I am so blessed with not getting sick-sick, but just the simple feeling of a little blah and not very interested in what’s happening around me. I am still taking all my usual vitamins and I have been pretty good about walking on the treadmil everyday, so that might be playing a part in why my “blah-ness” isn’t kicking in until the evening and helping me avoid curling up on the couch. I still haven’t called and set things up with my OB, but I plan to work on it this week. I am just not motivated because I have a pretty strong feeling I am going to hear ALL about “how many kids?!” “that close in age?!” I have found myself actually thinking of switching to the office on the other side of town just to avoid it! Isn’t that awful? We shouldn’t have to be scared  of our doctors. Oh well. Let them say what they have to say. The reality of the matter is: Just about ANY doctor is going to say something, unless they are Catholic, or simply even pro-life.  

Lowell has been unbelievably good to me. He is always so good to me, but he has really stepped up to the plate lately. He is very involved with chores around the house, chipping in with dinner prep and clean up, and literally jumps up and runs to do anything that I ask him to. I feel so spoiled! His being so much more involved with the daily grind over here has really helped me stay less stressed and the whole way our house runs is actually even MORE peaceful than it was before. Maybe it is because we are doing more team work than his work and her work before meeting up at the end of the evening? Maybe it’s because we’ve really worked on our prayer life together this Lent, so in growing in prayer, we’ve grown closer? Whatever it might be, it is great. God has blessed me with the greatest, most caring, loving, selfless, and adoring husband. He is better than the beloved Mr. Darcey, or even Michael Hosea, and those guys are hard to top! (For those of you who haven’t read “Redeeming Love” I definitely recommend it. You will see what I mean about Michael Hosea.) 

So, it could be all Lowell’s help, or it could be that we recently blessed our house that things are moving along so well these days. We really wanted to bless our house, especially Faith’s room because she kept waking up scared in the middle of the night and then reached a point where she wouldn’t go to bed without being really scared/freak out/crying. We tried night lights, and extra payers, even staying with her until she was mostly asleep, but it was still not helping. So, I told Lowell we needed to get Holy Water and splash it around her room because something was obviously bothering her and we weren’t able to help with what we were trying. One of the churches up here that we attend more regularly than others completely removed all the Holy Water and replaced it with sand at the beginning of Lent (something Lowell and I have both had a hard time getting passed. In all our experiences, the only time Holy Water has been removed from a Church is from Good Friday until the Easter vigil and that is because the Church is completely stripped of EVERYTHING during that solemn time.), so we were having a difficult time tracking some down as, even though other parishes still had their Holy Water, nobody had little bottles for us. We finally drove south aways to a religious goods store and were able to purchase some bottles and fill them up with Holy Water. Lowell went through and blessed each of the rooms, then put a bottle in each of our vehicles and stashed a few in the house, too. Since then, Faith has gone to bed and slept in peace. Thank You, Jesus! We have talked a few times about having a priest come to our home and formerly bless it, but we haven’t really developed a close relationship with any of the priests here. However, last night we went to a new church that was a bit of a drive for us, but we really liked it there. They recently acquired a new pastor, Fr. Jerry, that came up and introduced himself to us after Mass as he knew he hadn’t seen us before. He was very welcoming and seemed thrilled for us when we told him we were expecting again. We both like Fr. Jerry very much and look forward to knowing him better. We also met a young family with kids our kids’ ages (they have 4 y/o son, 2 y/o daughter, and 8 m/o-twin girl and boy.) So, as Lowell’s schedule allows, we would like to go back there again, and maybe, if we end up close enough with Father, he can come and bless our home for us.

Faith recently discovered that our front door and the door that leads into the garage are magnetic and that her “Word Whammer” and letters actually stick to it! She is so funny. She has been more daring and is actually venturing out to try saying new words now. Today, at breakfast, she was working on “more” and “cereal”. More sounded like “moop” and I really don’t know what exactly she was saying for cereal as it didn’t sound remotely close to anything I’ve ever heard.  Her and Felicity are getting a little closer each day and I am loving it. I know it will be a little while longer before they are really best buddies, but the slow, growing process is so worth the wait. They chase each other around, hide from each other and laugh real hard when they’re discovered, and they are always getting into something together. That part isn’t so fun, but it is funny to laugh about later. They are growing up so fast! Then, before we know it, there will be three of them to watch and have fun with – Yay!

That’s the latest and greatest at our house! Hope you are doing great! Have a beautiful and blessed Holy Week.


5 thoughts on “The Latest and Greatest

  1. Hey You! Loved the post. Aren’t little girl the greatest. They can really bug each other but when they hug it just melts our hearts. Glad to hear you are doing well and praying for you daily.


  2. Oh, right. I go to the midwives at Myrtle St (the street running right next to the hospital) — I called Birthright and asked for recommendations of pro-life ob/gyns, and their only recommendation was the midwives (maybe because they CAN’T perform abortions? But they do prescribe birth control :( … one of them even asked me a question once about NFP! I like them a lot better than the drs, mostly because their whole philosophy of care stresses long appointments, they never double book, and I just feel like they’re more in tune with me as a mom (even the woman drs who are moms are just not my style).

    I love the idea of blessing your house, by the way! And my mom has loads of holy water on hand (a lot from Lourdes) if you ever need more!


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