*In a Nut Shell


For the past week, Faith has been calling Jesus “Papa.” I keep correcting her, “No, Faith, that’s Jesus. Say ‘Jesus.'” And she tells me, “No, Papa!” I could not figure it out. Why is this girl calling Jesus “Papa”??? Well, today it finally occurred to me exactly why she is: Faith calls my dad “Papa” and Lowell’s dad has requested a little more drawn “Papaw”  At this point, though, what Faith says for both sounds like “papa.” Both my dad and Lowell’s dad have facial hair, and so does Jesus, so that’s why she calls Him “Papa”! HaHaHaHa! In every picture and crucifix we have around the house, there is Jesus in all His holiness, and with a beard. So, I called and told my mom this story, and wrote to Lowell’s dad about it as well. I told them both to not be surprised if “Papa” is called “Jesus” the next time we see them because you never know what is going on in a 2 year old’s little mind! :P


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