*Holiday Stories

The Lord Has Truly Risen, Alleluia!

A very Happy and Blessed Easter to your family from ours! We hope you had a beautiful day and are having a glorious Easter week! 

On Saturday evening, we set out some Easter baskets and toys on the dining room table for the girls. On Easter morning, Lowell headed down the stairs ahead of us and got all set up to take pictures of the girls as I rounded the corner from the kitchen into the dining room with them. Unfortunately, the camera battery was on the verge of “death” so we only got two pictures of Faith checking out the situation, and neither of those are even of her priceless face she had. We rounded the corner,she stopped in her tracks, her face lit up with a jaw dropped/smile and says, “Whhoooooooooooooa!” It was so cute! So, Faith investigated her toys, snooped in her basket and very shortly after digging around, she discovered that those shiny foiled things had chocolate in them! We made a huge breakfast of omelet style eggs that we then made into egg burritos, along with cinnamon rolls, donuts, juice, and coffee for Mommy! After breakfast, I bathed and got the girls ready for Mass while Lowell got himself ready. As soon as I was ready to go, it was time to hit the road.

We drove 40 minutes south to St. Peter’s in Troy for Latin Mass at noon. It is 185 years old, SO BEAUTIFUL, but is one of the 33 parishes that is closing in our diocese. We used to drive there just about every Sunday when we first moved here, but when Lowell was put on shift work and the gas prices got really out of control, we were forced to stay local in Saratoga, so it has been about a year since we were there last. Anyway, after Mass, we hung out in the car for a few minutes feeding the girls some sandwiches Lowell had made while I was getting ready, and then headed home. On our way, we stopped at a Starbucks and I was treated to a coffee, yum! Thank you, Honey! After our little pit stop, we finished our trek home and started our dinner preperations.

We got home so late, about 2:30, that there wasn’t any time to do a ham OR brisket like we’d originally planned. So, we did a sirloin roast, or something along those lines. It was a huge piece of meat that was a cross between a roast and a steak :) Lowell smoked and barbecued that and some fresh vegetables, and I made potatoes and garlic bread. We invited our neighbors, the Meyers’, over to share in our feast. They have a little girl, Alyssa, a few days older than Faith, and a baby girl, Ava, a few months younger than Felicity. After dinner, we had a little Easter egg hunt in the front yard. Lowell went out and hid eggs around the driveway and in the garage, then we sent the girls out with bags and told them to find the eggs! Faith was a little clueless about the whole thing, but Alyssa sure understood and enjoyed the game. We got a few pictures of that, not super great, but they’re there for the memory any way.

Later that evening, after we put the girls to bed, Lowell and I went out back and enjoyed a nice fire in our fire pit. It was a little chilly and a little smokey, (it was our first “burn” so we didn’t have any embers to keep us warm, and it was smokey because of the same thing: not enough heat. Next burn will be perfect, though!) but we really enjoyed just hanging out, talking, and looking at the fire. We definitely plan to do more of that, espeically as it gets warmer.

Faith scoping out the Easter goods!

Felicity in her Easter dress

Hunting for eggs

Alyssa and Faith comparing their progress

She found one!


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