*In a Nut Shell


I put a menu up, finally! It’s nice to feel normal again :) I am still not completely thrilled about dinner time, but I imagine just a wee bit longer and I’ll be good again.

I saw the OB on Thursday and everything went really well. Thank you all again for your prayers. She didn’t order me up an ultrasound like I was sure she would. She said they wouldn’t do one until I am 18 weeks. But, next month I see the doctor who delivered Felicity, she’s my favorite :), so I am going to see if she’ll order me one.

We have been up to the same ol’ thing, nothing super exciting to report for our little fam. My brother, John, and his fiance, Mary, decided to move their wedding up from October to July because so many people weren’t going to make it because of college, or being due very soon with a little bundle of joy :Pย  So, we are planning another trip west! Hopefully nobody will get sick this time and we will be able to enjoy our visit, and maybe even catch up with those we weren’t able to the last time we were out.

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I hope you’ll post pictures a your belly grows! I love those types of photos :) Glad to hear all is well with baby # 3 and we look forward to seeing you guys at John’s wedding!


  2. I remembered you’d told me about going to the wedding in October, and I wondered whether you’d still be able to go — so great that it’ll be in July! And I’m making your unstuffed peppers tonight for the first tine — yum!


  3. So glad you are doing well…I loved looking at your menu sections, btw! What a great idea..I def. want to implement when we finally move into our new home!


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