*In a Nut Shell

Cave Men

Yesterday, I was upstairs with the girls, playing in their room, after their afternoon nap. They were showing me toys, chasing each other around, did a little squabbling over a few things, but, for the most part, it was an enjoyable experience to watch them together.

After 30 minutes of toys, they started in with their chasing each other all around the upstairs. The typical route is from their room to our room. Well, after a few minutes of that, Felicity was over it and crawled to an airfreshner I have plugged. (this is the same airfreshner that I went back and forth with Felicity the day before. She’d crawl to it, I’d say no, she’d shake her head then touch it, I’d swat her hand and pbring her back to the room with toys, we’d do it again.) So, she crawled to it and stopped to look at me. I told her not to touch, but she reached her hand up anyway. I started to walk toward her, then she’d stop, so I’d walk back and she’d start to reach again. We did this for about a minute before Faith decided she was going to get involved.

Because she was playing on the floor with toys and already in a crawling position, she crawled out of the room and across the upstairs to where Felicity was. When she got to Felicity, she said, “Lohauhf jhf;fshd; hfasuiuh est akfhuhsfskj Mommy alhgfa;rfhai;hajdh,” started to point toward me and continued, “laoufhsakfh;ah sfh;sahf; hfafh; asfh;ufh ;ahfuhgirhgfnv;ah, Mommy…” (then Felicity started to reach up to touch the airfreshner) “…aafghg afagfl ;ufeyrn No, No! Stop! No touch! ak;fjha ifeusrfhjfch.) Faith finally finished tell her whatever all she was telling her, and Felicity stared at her with the most confused, almost angry face. Then, after a brief silence, Felicity’s face turned into an “AAaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!” I laughed uncontrolably. It reminded me of cave men trying to communicate with each other, and one of them not agreeing with what the other was saying!


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