*In a Nut Shell

Guess What I Can Do!

My sweet, baby angel, Felicity, is already saying some words! She is 10 1/2 months old now, is a firey little squirt who loves to chase her big sissy and wrestle with her Daddy, eats EVERYTHING, except Goldfish :), has 7 toofs, and is talking. Wow! I love to watch her advancements. She is so eager to do everything she sees Faith doing and Faith is excited to have a biggest fan and a best buddy. She still isn’t walking, but I am feeling more and more confident that it is going to happen before I know it.

So, what can she say? She says, “Uh oh!” and at the right time, too. She can say “Jesus” which comes out a little more like “See-shus” and always in a whisper because when she is talking in Mass or during prayers, I whisper to her about Jesus. She likes to “Moo-oo-oo-oo” right along with Faith when we are talking about farm animals and their sounds. And, her newest achievment is “Daa-doo” or as we all say it, “Thank you.” She hasn’t quite figured out to say it when given something, but she’ll repeat it when Faith says it, and will repeat it if I say it after giving her something. She is also a huge fan of Peek-a-Boo! She loves to cover up her face with her blanket and wait for you to ask, “Where’s Felicity? Felicity, where are you?” then she’ll pull down her blanket real fast and laugh at our “surprise to find her” hidden under there. She also shakes her head “No” when she’s had enough of something, or if she knows she is doing something wrong. And, last but not least, she is a little dancer. As soon as she hears a tune she likes, be it “Old MacDonald” or “How Do You Like Me Now?!” her little body starts goin’!

I am truly loving motherhood and all it’s little perks :) It isn’t a walk in the park every day, and I can certainly understand why so many saints are mothers, but I love that I can earn my salvation in such a beautiful way. Raising children is like having a rose garden. They are beautiful to look at and even to smell, and occassionally, you get pricked by a little thorn, it’s impossible to avoid when caring for a rose garden. But, how can you be upset over a little poke for long when you have this beautiful garden to watch grow, and enjoy the small differences in each bush as well? Thank YOU, Jesus, for my beautiful angels… and for rose gardens, too!


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