*Random Goodness

My Salsa Garden

We planted a “salsa garden” this year and I am so excited! There is nothing better than home made salsa, so I talked to Lowell and we decided that we were going to plant all we needed to make home made salsa all summer long.

We planted tomatoes, green onion, white onion, and cilantro. And, in my seed purchasing excitement, we also got green beans and strawberries (the berries actually came to me as small plants all ready to be planted). Because we live in base housing, and didn’t want to be responsible for replacing the “grass” we would have pulled out to plant, we bought some big tupper ware storage tubs at Walmart, drilled some holes in the bottom, added soil and planted everything in those. All of my plants are looking great and I’m excited for a “plentiful crop”… except for where my tomatoes are concerned. They just haven’t taken off like everything else has. They’re growing, to be sure, but not like the rest. Hopefully, something incredible happens soon, or I don’t know what I’ll do. How can you have salsa without tomato? :)


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