*In a Nut Shell

14 weeks, 4 days…

…and I felt our little baby move!

I usually feel movement for the first time around 14 weeks, so when I turned 14 last week, I really started to get anxious about feeling something. It finally came: last night, I felt the flutter! At my 13 wk ultra sound, the technician told me that the baby weighs 3 ounces. What an amazing and beautiful thing it is to feel a tiny 3 ounces of life inside of you :) God is so good!


3 thoughts on “14 weeks, 4 days…

  1. Oh man… Olivia is only 7 weeks old and you’re already making me crave the feeling of being pregnant again!!! I can’t read posts like this lol. I absolutely love being pregnant :)


    1. I love to be pregnant too. This one is a bit different though, so I’m thinking it can be a combination of, or one of two things:
      1) It’s a boy! :), or
      2) It’s just a flat out different experience your third time around. I’ve heard from alot of moms that their third pregnancies were just different from the first two, regardless of the sex.
      Guess we won’t know for sure until November gets here.


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