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A Reunion!

Tuesday afternoon, Lowell’s best friend/best man/man love from high school, Tom Cox, came by for a visit. This was the first time we’ve seen him in 3 years! Tom just graduated from Hillsdale College in Michigan with a Classical Major and a Minor in Music.

Tom and three of his friends, Allen, Keaton, and Nathan, aka Augmented Fourth, as a quartet, are spending this summer covering the lower 48 states performing an assortment of songs they’ve memorized (a concert of sacred music, and some Barber Shop, too) at schools and churches. They call ahead to friends they’ve made in college who of course live all over, get information for a local church/school, set up a concert time, and depend on the kindness and generosity of friends and/or family in the area to house and feed them. Hillsdale has helped them out with the rental car and gas, but they “have yet to get a hat to put out!” for the extras. They have a blog full of their schedule, how to get in touch with them for a performance, and what their experiences are like from place to place. It’s a fun read if you have a minute.

Anywho, they were headed to NYC from Maine and I happened to catch wind of it on facebook that they were in our neighborhood, well practically :) So, after some correspondence and planning, they agreed to take a 2-hour detour north to see us! They got to our house around 3:45, and Lowell got home around 4:20. We talked about recent events in our lives, reminisced about the good ol’ days, and talked about days to come. It was like no time had passed at all since the last time we saw Tom. And, his friends were just amazing!!! All four of them just jumped right in, made themselves at home, played with the girls, offered to pitch in with dinner prep… it was like they all were family. Lowell and I love it when friends, new and old, can come to our home and make it “their home” too. Shortly after wrapping up our taco feast, the quartet had to get on the road again so they could get to their City destination at a reasonable hour and not leave their host waiting. It was the best few hours we’ve spent in a long while with great, wholesome company that we won’t soon forget. We love you, Tom, and can’t wait to see you again!

The Fam & Tom
At the last minute, literally as they were driving away, we realized we didn’t get a pic! So, we waved them down, got thrown together and “snap!” we got a reunion shot :)


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