*In a Nut Shell

A “muss”

Do you ever wonder what your kids are doing so quietly upstairs while you are downstairs doing something on the computer? Do you start to wonder why your kids, who by now would be upset with each other, aren’t upset with each other? Well I wondered and literally tip-toed up our creeky stairs to find out what the quiet was all about…

Distruction 1
Would you imagine they were removing a matress from it’s boxspring?

Destruction 2
…and rolling down the new found “mountain” on to the floor, full of giggles?

Destruction 3
…Or figuring out how fast gravity can pull them down “the slope”?

What is truly amazing is that I was able to snap these, and more, without being noticed!! But, I was spotted finally. Felicity gave me away. You should have seen the shock on Faith’s face! She looked to me, back to her “muss” (as she calls a “mess”),  back to me and said, “Ooooh no! Mommy! Muss!” and got moving, rather quickly, to fix the problem…

Destruction 4
As she pulls on the sheet to move the matress back into place!

This wasn’t the first, or the last time this has happened. I have yet to discover how exactly she is shoving it off the boxspring, but I have to admit: she is pretty crafty! 

So, next time you wonder about the unusual quiet, tread lightly and bring the camera!


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