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Father’s Day, pt. 1

Lowell’s parents, Domonique, Grace, Jane, and Cy, drove up on Thursday to hang out for the weekend. It happened to work out with schedules and whatnot that they were able to come up for Father’s Day weekend! :)

We’ve had a really nice time so far. On Thursday, we ate dinner and got a little settled in. Lowell had to work that night, but he was able to take “Special Liberty” and has the weekend off. Yesterday, Mom and Papa went to the house of one of the girls’ Lowell works with to do a side painting job. Lowell went with them for an hour or two and helped out with the really high places, (I think he enjoyed dabbling in the old line of work), then came home and napped for 4 hours or so. In the meantime, the rest of us just hung out, talked, and played with the girls. For dinner, I made tacos – YUM! I had been thinking about eating tacos all week so couldn’t wait to sink my mouth into one. We had our friends, the Sherwin family, over to partake in the feast. It was a very nice evening! After dinner, Papa pulled out his rosary making stuff (he and most of the family have been making rosaries for a mission group on the Ivory coast. In all his free time, since he’s been here, he sits and makes rosaries. They’ve made over a thousand so far!) and showed little Thomas Sherwin, who is 4, all about making rosaries. They both loved the experience. Thomas got a special rosary all of his own with his favorite colors, and got to help with the finishing touches of adding the crucifix and burning the remaing bits of string. After the Sherwin’s headed out, we did what little bit of cleaning up there was left, prayed a rosary, and Papa called it a night. Lowell and Cy worked on Lowell’s motorcycle, and us girls just chatted it up about this and that.

Today, Mom and Papa are doing some last minute finishes to the job they started yesterday, and I do believe the rest of the day is home free. We haven’t had the clearest, or dryest, weather, so we may or may not be trapped indoors. At any rate, though, we are thoroughly enjoying their visit and are so happy they came up! The girls are having lots of fun, too :) It’s like having built in friends to play with ALL the time! Haven’t taken any pictures, but I will work on changing that today and will post anything good I capture.

Happy Father’s Day, Dads! More about our weekend soon…


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