*Holiday Stories

Father’s Day, pt. 2

We said farewell to Lowell’s family this morning. It was very hard to do, as always, and especially after such a wonderful weekend!

On Saturday, after Papa and Mom finished their side job, everyone was regrouped and the immediate plan was: nap! It was after lunch and about that time anyway, so it wasn’t too hard to come up with it. After some naps, Lowell took Papa out to find a barber, and Mom, Grace and I went to Kohl’s to see about a last minute gift for Papa. We ended up finding some stuff for Jane and not for Papa, though :P When we got home, Lowell was grilling up what turned out to be the most unbelievable steak EVER! He also made his famous corn-green bean-onion slosh that isn’t slosh but divine. For dessert we had strawberry rhubarb pie – yum! After dinner, Papa took Dom and Grace back out to the mall. Dom got a few things, and, for Father’s Day, Papa treated himself to a new shnazy suit at one of our stores that is going out of business. We closed out another glorious evening with lots of chatter and more rosary making.

On Sunday morning we it the ground running. No, it actually wasn’t so bad getting a whole bunch of people fed, ready and out the door for 10:30 Mass. We made a stop at the market on our way home to pick up a few things we were running low on or out of, and came home to have chicken wings, left overs, and sandwiches for lunch. There were scattered naps among the group, Lowell made some rosaries, a few of the kids played N64 and/or watched a movie (whatever they could agree on as we only have the one tv in our living room). We made our beer/bacon/apple chicken for dinner and served it up with garlic butter potatoes and pasta salad. The chicken wasn’t as flavor-filled as the last few times we’ve made it, but it was still pretty awesome. After dinner, we all just did whatever. A little bit of clean up and mostly hanging out about sums it all up.

Like all good things do, our visit came to an end this morning after breakfast. Mom talked about stayong for the week because our friend/their adopted daughter, Samm, is coming up next weekend to hang out, so it would have worked out perfectly that she stay on and hitch a ride down to Virginia with Samm. However, she decided it’d be better she went home because Kateri would probably miss her quite a bit if she was gone for all that time.  

 We loved having a house full of people and preparing fancy feasts, it’s what we do best! When we build our house some day, we are definitely going to have a big living area to accommodate alot of people with comfortable visiting. Our living room in this house is the only place that isn’t super roomy, so we were a little crowded at times, but it definitely wasn’t at the point of unbearable. Faith loved having her aunts and Uncle Cy to hang out with, too. She really did well with everyone’s names this time – I’m so proud of her for that! And Felicity loved having people around to be her “walker” aka “someone to hold her hands so she can walk everywhere”. I loved having the buzz of a full house and ofcourse all the visiting :) Lowell hasn’t said what his favorite part was, but I think he enjoyed showing off his family the most.

On a side note, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! I had a Mass said for the three special dads in my life (Dad, Lowell, and Papa), Faith and Felicity got Lowell two John Wayne movies and beer mugs, and Jane made some really sweet cards for Papa and Lowell.


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