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On the Road Again

Okay, really, it’s “In the Air Again”! On Friday, we’re headed to So Cal. My brother, John, and his fiance’, Mary, moved their wedding way up and are getting married on July 4th. We leave Albany around 1:30 p.m. and arrive in Ontario in the 5:00 p.m.-family with a layover in Las Vegas.

Preperation for this trip is not such a big deal. Laundry, packing, cleaning up the house. I really can’t stand to leave with my house out of order, it makes coming home so not relaxing. I have an OB appointment on Thursday in the late afternoon, so my goal is to have everything that I want to pack out and ready to be packed later, Thursday evening. Wednesday will be my “pull the house together” day. It really won’t be that difficult, though. Run the vaccuum, mop the floor, make sure all the laundry is done, wipe down the bathrooms. Don’t have to worry too much about the dishes. My dishwasher died when Lowell’s family left, so I’ve been hand washing everything. Housing told me that they are out of dishwashers and are ordering me a new one, but it isn’t due to be here until Friday at the earliest. Anywho, Friday we’ll get up, eat, get ready, wash up our few breakfast dishes and will make our way to the airport around lunch time.

We can’t wait to get there and enjoy LOTS of sunshine. We are pretty booked up already, too. John and Mary’s wedding, a baseball game, a trip to St. Michael’s to see Fr. Chrysostom, hanging out with Uncle B, Grace’s 8th and Felicity’s 1st birthdays, see the little Hill’s…just to name a few things. There are other things we want to do, but I don’t know if we will squeeze it all in. I want to do our few things and then just sit and hang out with the family. That’s all I ever want to do when we go to California or Virginia: enjoy being with the fam.

I’ll try and post some things about the trip while we’re there, otherwise I’m sure I will have a pretty long one to post when I get home :)


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