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Our Visit With 2/3 of The Perry Clan

When we got in late Sunday/Early Monday last week, our friend Megan was at our house, with her baby, Ava, waiting for us. Her husband, Stephen, is on what’s called a “surge”. He is station on the Ronald Reagan. The Reagan left San Diego in May and isn’t due to return home until October. Megan travelled to New York with one of her friends who is originally from here. Her friend, Liz, was getting married, so they made a trip out of it all. So, Megan left where she was in Adams, an hour north of Syracuse, and drove down to spend a few days with us. It was so great to see them again, but in many ways felt incomplete without Stephen being part of the action.

On Monday,  we all slept in late. Like almost 11:00 late! We were tired from travel and in PDT time, so I think we can be excused just a tad ;) I got up and got the girls and Lowell going shortly after that. I didn’t want to stay stuck on west time, so we needed to jump into action. Megan and Ava were mozying about the house bright and early, apparently, as they were already on east coast time. So when we got up, we were able to jump right into visiting and playing with babies. Ava is almost 8 months old and has just discovered her mobility. She is a petite little cutie patootie, so to see her do the things she could do was almost not expected! Felicity and she got along pretty well. Faith took some notice in her, but wasn’t really all that interested in another crawling baby. She’s more into those who can walk, ya know. Later in the afternoon, once the kids had naps, we all loaded up and headed to Congress Park aka “The Duck Park”.  I had some left over bread and rolls that didn’t survive while we were in California, so we were able to feed the duckies, walk around some, and take pictures. 

Faith and the ducks July '09







Megan & Ava








On Tuesday, I wasn’t feeling well, so it was a pretty low key day. Lowell went back to work that afternoon, and Megan helped me out with the kids so I could rest. She made yummy spaghetti for dinner, then we took the girls outside to play for a little while before baths and bedtime.

Felicity & Ava





Felicity trying to pull Ava







Faith pulling Ava








On Wednesday, Megan and I ventured out to Walmart with all the girls so I could get some groceries. It was quite an ordeal with three little people, let me tell ya! My two were as grouchy as could be, but Ava maintained pretty well up until we were at check out. By that point, she’d either had enough or my bad example daughters taught her how to be naughty :P It was a HUGE help to have Megan there to help, though, because there is no way I could have done it alone. We made BLTs for dinner and I’m pretty sure we called it an early night.

Thursday was our last day together. We BBQ’d some steak for lunch, Megan missed good grilled food since Stephen’s been gone. I also made some pasta salad and threw together some ceasar salad as well. The kids ate a little bit of what we had, but mostly enjoyed their good ol’ fashioned PBnJ’s. Even Ava had her FIRST official peanut butter and jelly sandwich, so we took pictures to remember the moment.

Ava's 1st PBnJ

Infact, Ava did alot of big girl things when she was here. She got to sit forward in her carseat in our quick excursions into town, and sit in the highchair and eat all the Mac n’ Cheese she wanted (see pic below), and cruise around with the big kids in the walker (as seen in the earlier pics ^).

Ava, Mac 'n Cheese

Anywho, late that afternoon, it was time to say “good bye”. I really don’t like good bye’s! It was so great to have a little bit of the Perry’s with us. But, the wedding that she came out for was that weekend, so she wanted to get back to help out with anything and try to make it to the bachelor/bachelorette party that evening. Totally understandable. Megan promised that they would ALL come back and see us soon and we can’t wait!

Written with loving knowledge that a certain Mr. Perry will be by to read about his family’s trip and to see some of the pictures that were taken :) 


One thought on “Our Visit With 2/3 of The Perry Clan

  1. Thanks so much Joanna. I really needed to hear some of the stories and see my baby. I can’t wait to see you all again. I love and miss you all.


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